And Just Like That... Season 2: Kim Cattrall Will Reportedly Return For Samantha Cameo

Hold on to your Manolo Blahniks, folks — it looks like the earth just moved and things are getting frosty below the equator. Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) is set to return to the fold on "And Just Like That..."

According to Variety, however, this miraculous comeback will not last for the entire season. It appears that Cattrall will pop in for a brief cameo, which will include dialogue. Patricia Field, "Sex and the City" costume designer extraordinaire, reportedly dressed Cattrall for the cameo. 

There's no word as to which episode Samantha will appear in. But the opportunity for communication between Samantha and he friends has been reopened; during the Season 1 finale of "And Just Like That...," Samantha does reconnect with bestie Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) via text message after a long silence. This silence came when Sam moved to London following a fight with Carrie.

For the curious, it appears that the notorious rift between Cattrall and the rest of the show's cast — a set of relationships that she called "toxic" in an interview with ITV's Piers Morgan in 2017   — has not yet healed for the sake of the program. This feud apparently resulted in her turning down a regular role in "And Just Like That..." as well as rejecting a third "Sex and the City" film. And while shooting her scene on March 22 in New York, Cattrall did not act opposite any of the rest of the show's regular cast or see Michael Patrick King, the show's executive producer.

Where has Samantha been?

So what has Samantha Jones been up to while Carrie and the rest of the gang have been enduring a good year and a half of major life changes? It seems Samantha's been tending to her own life. Before the start of "And Just Like That...," fans learn she's moved to London. They also learn that some strain has developed in her friendship with Carrie and the others after Carrie dumped Samantha as a publicist. The plotline isn't too farfetched; after all, Samantha and the others move heaven and earth to keep Carrie in New York when she considers leaving the city for Paris. That she abandoned the gang without much forethought easily explains her friends' anger.

Kim Cattrall, meanwhile, has been busy with projects of her own — she's been playing the older version of Sophie (Hilary Duff) on Hulu's "How I Met Your Father." The streaming hit just concluded its 2nd season. Cattrall also appeared in the recently-released Robert De Niro film "About My Father" and recurred on Peacock's short-lived reboot of "Queer as Folk" as Brenda Beaumont. She's also set to be in Nexflix's upcoming "Glamorous," which will be released in June. 

In spite of any lingering bad blood between herself and the rest of the cast, fans definitely missed seeing Samantha on "And Just Like That..." on a regular basis. Hopefully, this glimpse of her will tide them over.