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How Many Episodes Are In The Walking Dead: Dead City?

"The Walking Dead: Dead City" will team up Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to save her son, Hershel (Logan Kim). To pull off the rescue mission, the unlikely pair will have to venture to Manhattan, which has become a post-apocalyptic nightmare featuring an array of threats both living and dead. The series is yet another addition to the ever-expanding AMC franchise, and excited fans are probably wondering how many entries will make up the first season.

Anyone who's watched "The Walking Dead" knows that Maggie and the former leader of the Saviors are far from besties, and watching the two try to survive each other while surviving what lies in "Dead City" is going to be a wild ride that will consist of six episodes. The first chapter of the spinoff series will premiere on June 18, 2023, on AMC as well as the streamer AMC+, with entries continuing to air weekly on Sunday.

While nothing has been officially announced, there have been rumblings of a second season. Mahina Napoleon, who plays Ginny in the show, said he would be back to shoot Season 2 of the spinoff. And Laura Cohen is confident the show has the legs to go the distance, telling The New York Post, "We're really hoping the show does well and can lead to a second and third and fourth or fifth season." With all the hype surrounding the show's future, it seems safe to assume that the six-episode season that kicks things off will be a worthwhile affair, and fans will want to keep an eye on Negan because, according to the actor, there's a chance he may not be as reformed as people think.

Negan can't escape his true nature in Dead City

"The Walking Dead" is filled with some of the most ruthless and diabolical villains the small screen has ever seen, and there is no denying that Negan is a strong candidate for being the worst the franchise had to offer. But his reign of terror eventually ends in Season 8, and the character changes his evil ways over time. His path to redemption, while being a rough road to travel, is something many probably assumed would stick, but Jeffrey Dean Morgan claims that in "Dead City," fans may get to experience some classic Negan.

"He came a long way in the original show. But I think there's a problem that occurs when we find him in Dead City, and that is, he's not been part of the group now for a couple of years," the actor said in an interview with SFX. "A lot of bad s**t has happened to him, and he's reverted a little bit because he's a survivor. More than anything else, he's a survivor. Maggie shows up at his doorstep; you can tell that he's gone backwards a little bit, just in the way he acts and the way he talks to her." While he did some terrible things, fans know better than anyone that sometimes people must flex their dark side to stay alive in a zombie post-apocalyptic world.

The fact that Maggie Greene is teaming up with a Negan who has reverted to his old ways adds a fascinating dynamic to their already dangerous endeavor, and fans will not want to miss what the character gets up to during the six episodes of the first season of "The Walking Dead: Dead City."