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A Haunting In Venice Second Trailer Cast Friends As Suspect In A Ghastly Mystery

In 2017, Kenneth Branagh's magnificently-mustached big screen iteration of Agatha Cristie's legendary Belgian detective Hercule Poirot tackled the "Murder on the Orient Express." In 2022, he returned in a considerably warmer setting to solve "Death on the Nile." Both movies feature an all-star ensemble cast that makes it extremely difficult to guess the killer, as befits a murder case that's worthy of the great Poirot's attention. Both movies were also popular enough to warrant a sequel, as a third movie in the series is on the way. 

As its title implies, "A Haunting in Venice" once again takes the detective in a new location. Based on Christie's 1969 book "Hallowe'en Party," the story takes place during Poirot's advanced years, as yet another big-name cast becomes tangled in a borderline unsolvable murder mystery. A second trailer for Branagh's new murder mystery has now been released, and it sheds new light on the mighty challenge his Poirot is facing.

Hercule Poirot faces his spookiest mystery yet

As the first trailer already revealed and the second one reaffirms, "A Haunting in Venice" will be the franchise's spookiest outing yet. Hercule Poirot is retired, but when he ends up attending a Halloween séance session and one of the attending people dies, the detective can't help but jump back in the fray. After all, how often does even a super-sleuth like him get the chance to investigate a seemingly supernatural murder? But as the second trailer hauntingly teases, maybe it's time for Poirot to admit he's "up against something bigger than him." Old friends become suspect in this mysterious film series' latest entry and we can't wait to solve the ghastly puzzle.

A ghost story as much as a traditional murder mystery, "A Haunting in Venice" has become determined to hit all the boxes for a fun movie night. With a supporting cast that includes names like Michelle Yeoh, Tina Fey, Kelly Reilly, and Jamie Dornan, the film certainly has all the requisite ingredients for success.

The mystery of "A Haunting in Venice" will arrive in theaters on September 15.