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Barbie's Latest Trailer Is Giving Folks Flashbacks Of Rugrats' Cynthia Doll

The final trailer for "Barbie" has burst out of its packaging, proving that the upcoming Greta Gerwig film focusing on the iconic doll is as good as (if not better than) what everyone thought it would be. Boasting incredible sets, perfectly molded punchlines, and Ryan Gosling pretending to play doctor, this could very well be one of the toughest bits of competition ever to cross paths with a Christopher Nolan film, given that it's still scheduled to be released on the same weekend as "Oppenheimer."

There's a lot on show to get excited about. Margot Robbie's Barbie finds out what a flat foot looks like, and it seems that Ken has an outfit for every occasion. A real highlight, however, is Kate McKinnon, who appears as a Barbie that's seen the outside world and looks a little bit worse for wear. In fact, with the squiffy hair and the bargain bin aesthetic, fans have made the observation that McKinnon's character shares an uncanny resemblance to Cynthia, Angelica Pickles' favorite doll from the much-loved cartoon, "Rugrats." Well, hey, if the plastic shoe fits.

McKinnon is unofficially Cynthia and fans can't get enough

Following the release of the latest trailer for the eagerly anticipated film, Kate McKinnon has walked away as easily one of the highlights of the preview, even if people are associating her with someone else. @andrewmcraedude said, "Enjoyed the new 'Barbie' trailer, especially seeing Kate McKinnon as Cynthia from 'Rugrats.'" Meanwhile, @audreypatriciaw got pretty hung up on the appearance saying, "I could write a whole essay on Kate McKinnon (sp) as the tortured Barbie who's seen the 'real' world." Apart from looking into all the essential details that made up this tattered-looking toy lady, there was a lot to pick apart: "The scribbles on her face/dress, her haphazardly cut hair. If Cynthia came to life! What it means that the heel counter is a Birkenstock and not a sneaker!"

Just how she came to look that way has yet to be revealed, but Robbie's Barbie will no doubt get some answers when she goes across land, sea, and space (apparently) to head over to our world. The only concern is how she and Ken will be welcomed, especially when Will Ferrell's top boss, Mattel's manager, finds out what's happened. Does that sound like a "Lego Movie" or "Elf" hybrid plot? Well, yes, it does, and we can't wait to see it when "Barbie" walks without bending at the knee into theatres on July 21, 2023.