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Yellowjackets' S2 Finale Is Full Of Tragic Needle Drops (In More Ways Than One)

Contains spoilers for "Yellowjackets," Season 2, Episode 9 "Storytelling"

Music is one of those aspects of entertainment that can totally paint a scene with additional emotion. Adroit camera work, powerful acting, and a deft selection of soundtrack can turn a moment from great to perfect, and the Season 2 finale of "Yellowjackets" makes some bold choices in this department. For those that have kept up with "Yellowjackets," this should come as no surprise, as the show has always been a masterclass in how to use music on television, dropping songs from Alanis Morissette, The Smashing Pumpkins, Salt-N-Pepa, Portishead, Jane's Addiction, and so many more. In other words, "Yellowjackets" certainly knows how to utilize music to craft potent moments and scenes.

Knowing this, the Season 2 finale is also chock full of some real banger choices when it comes to the soundtrack, and these songs not only augment jaw-dropping twists, but the lyrics themselves also fit the scenes, sometimes a figurative sense, and other times completely literal. One such moment in the Season 2 finale involves the younger iteration of the stranded soccer team bringing back the flash frozen body of Javi (Luciano Leroux). Unfortunately, the reason they recover Javi's body is to make the harrowing choice to cannibalize the body in order to survive. During this scene, "Zombie" by the Cranberries is playing, with lyrics like "Another head hangs lowly, child is slowly taken, And the violence caused such silence, who are we mistaken?" However, there are many more examples of this kind of song choice throughout the Season 2 finale.

Music is a huge part of the Season 2 finale of Yellowjackets

The next scene after the uneasy consumption of Javi immediately shifts gear to the present, where the grown up team is preparing to hunt. Shifting gears in music as well, the song here is "God is Alive Magic is Afoot" by Buffy Sainte Marie. Again the lyrics are a reflection of the scene: "Many weak men hungered. Many strong men thrived. Though they boasted solitude, God was at their side. Nor the dreamer in his cell. Nor the captain on the hill. Magic is alive. Though his death was pardoned round and round the world, the heart did not believe. Though laws were carved in marble, they could not shelter men. Though altars built in parliaments, they could not order men. Police arrested Magic, and Magic went with them. For Magic loves the hungry."

These words definitely take on a different meaning when one considers the scene in which they are heard, which creates a stark contrast coming after the cannibalization of Javi. Another moment that rings out on account of the music sees the young group escaping their burning house where audiences get a chance to hear "The Killing Moon" by Echo and the Bunnymen. This 1984 song features lyrics that talk about being caught underneath a blue moon, with one part of the song saying, "Under blue moon, I saw you, so soon you'll take me up in your arms, too late to beg you or cancel it, though I know it must be the killing time, unwillingly mine. Fate. Up against your will. Through the thick and thin, he will wait until you give yourself to him."

A Radiohead song accompanies a tragic death

Perhaps the most significant of songs selected in the Season 2 finale of "Yellowjackets" involves the adult Natalie (Juliette Lewis). Throughout "Yellowjackets," adult Natalie struggles with substance issues, and audiences can see the pain and sorrow that Natalie carries with her from this inner conflict. Unfortunately, Natalie jumps in front of Misty's needle when Misty (Christina Ricci) tries to take out Lisa (Nicole Maines) in the climax of the finale episode, which causes a tragic phenobarbital overdose. During this heartbreaking moment, "Street Spirit (Fade Out)" by Radiohead plays with lyrics like, "Cracked eggs, dead birds scream as they fight for life. I can feel death, can see its beady eyes. All these things into position. All these things we'll one day swallow whole. And fade out again. And fade out again." This was not the first time Radiohead has been featured in "Yellowjackets" either, as they also pop up at the end of Season 2's Episode 2.

The Season 2 finale of "Yellowjackets" certainly chose a varied group of music for its culmination, spanning many generations. However, each one of these songs certainly elevates the scenes that contain them, and the "Yellowjackets" team certainly kept both tone and lyrical content in mind. Besides the music, perhaps the most sorrowful of all needle drops is adult Natalie's fatal drug overdose, which is literally from a needle drop. Natalie's sacrifice here will have a long lasting impact on the rest of "Yellowjackets," and it will be interesting to see where the plot goes from here, as well as what kind of music will fill our ears as our eyes are treated to more fateful choices.

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