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Yellowjackets S2 Finale: [SPOILER]'s Survival Is The Plot Twist Of The Season

Contains spoilers for "Yellowjackets" Season 2 Episode 9 — "Storytelling"

Yes, that's right. Against all odds, Coach Ben (Steven Krueger) made it through the second season of "Yellowjackets."

"Yellowjackets" loves a good twist, so it actually kind of makes sense that Ben, who lost his leg in the immediate aftermath of Season 1's plane crash and is clearly terrified of the cannibalistic team of girls engaging in spooky, bizarre rituals, didn't die. It feels like, in the end, killing and eating him right away would have simply been too obvious for this twisted, strange show. 

Throughout Season 2, we've learned more about Ben and his secret relationship with Paul (François Arnaud) and watch as he loses strength in the wilderness, unwilling to partake in the messed up feast when Jackie's (Ella Purnell) body gets accidentally barbecued during a cremation gone wrong. At the end of the season, though, there's definitely hope for Ben; not only has he found a new place to live away from the girls, but he's reclaiming power, albeit in a horrifying, upsetting way.

Ben is probably the one who burned down the girls' cabin

After refusing to eat one of the girls he once coached (reasonable), Ben, probably feeling like he's next on the menu, starts trying to come up with ways to escape — and thanks to Javi (Luciano Leroux), he discovers a new hideout. Javi was missing for a decent portion of Season 2 after running away from the crazed, drugged team in the penultimate Season 1 episode "Doomcoming," and as it turns out, he was in a little hidey-hole a ways away from the camp. That's where Javi was trying to hide Natalie (Sophie Thatcher) when she was chosen as the next sacrificial lamb in the previous episode, "It Chooses," before he fell through the ice and officially became the girls' next meal.

Ben has settled himself nicely in the new spot, but he can't light a fire — and when he sneaks back to the cabin to steal a few supplies like an axe and some matches, he witnesses as the girls crown Natalie as the true Antler Queen, based on the fact that the wilderness "spared" her for Javi. The next thing anyone knows, the cabin's on fire. We don't watch as Ben burns the place down, but he's got a pack of matches and a motive, so it's a safe assumption at this point.

Coach Ben seems like he's probably doomed, though

With all of that said, things definitely aren't looking good for Coach Ben. It's the dead of winter, and even though he has a new shelter, he doesn't exactly have a ton of food — plus, he's the only other person out there, so once Season 3 gets going, it feels like he'll be the obvious suspect when it comes to the cabin burning to the ground.

Ben also has a relatively ominous conversation with the new Antler Queen before she's officially named, Natalie, where he begs her to join him in his new hiding spot because she's not like these other girls. Not only is she like them, Natalie tells Ben, but she's worse, because she let Javi die to save her own life. Natalie's in charge of the girls and she knows Ben thinks they're pure evil, so this doesn't seem great for him.

There's one last factor, although this could certainly change — which is that we haven't seen Coach Ben in the present day timeline. This doesn't necessarily mean we won't, as we didn't meet some of the adult Yellowjackets until Season 2, but when you add it to everything else, it sure feels like Coach Ben doesn't make it out of the woods.

The first two seasons of "Yellowjackets" are streaming on Showtime now.