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Marvel Reveals Kid Venom, A New Symbiote Hero

Contains spoilers for "Death of the Venomverse" #2

Marvel Comics is introducing a new version of Venom to their symbiote-filled universe, as "Death of the Venomverse" #2 will feature the debut of Kid Venom.

In the main Marvel Universe, the current Venom isn't Eddie Brock but is his son Dylan. Born after his mother, Anne Weying, became pregnant after bonding with Venom, Dylan was given a unique role and physiology as part human, part symbiote. Following the events of the "King in Black" crossover, the teenager took on his father's mantle, proving to be a fine choice as Venom. However, while Dylan might actually be the kid version of Venom, a new character actually named Kid Venom is set to arrive in the comics soon.

In the second part of the "Death of the Venomverse," which will see Carnage travel across the Multiverse and face Knull to become the new King in Black, readers will meet Kid Venom. The hero, whose real name is Kentaru, will come from the past and make his grand debut in the event, as he will likely be forced to take on Carnage while the villain tries to wipe out symbiotes from across space and time. 

Kid Venom Brings A Unique Design

In "Death of the Venomverse" #2's backup story by "Unsung Hero" creator Taigami, Kid Venom will make their first appearance. The new hero has a frightening appearance but will seemingly use his symbiote powers for heroics. Coming from 10th-Century Japan, Kentaru's attempts to protect his home and village from a symbiote attack will lead him to become a version of Venom from the past. He will take on the role of Kid Venom alongside a symbiote named "Clinter." Kid Venom's manga-inspired look from Taigami is incredibly unique to the Marvel Universe but also immediately identifiable as a version of Venom. Cover art from Lucciano Vecchio shows Kid Venom in action alongside Dylan Brock's Venom, possibly hinting at a team-up between the heroes.

Unfortunately, Kid Venom's attempts to defend his village from symbiotes will become even more difficult in the backup story. Carnage will travel to his timeline to take on the hero and try to take another Venom off the board while he tries to become the last symbiote standing in the Multiverse. While Kid Venom's powers and capabilities are unknown, taking down an upgraded version of Carnage, who is stronger than ever, will be an incredible challenge.

Kid Venom Joins More Heroes In The End of the Venomverse

"Death of the Venomverse" #2 is set to be a jam-packed affair with multiple symbiote storylines being told in the issue. Venom creator David Michelinie will pen a new story echoing his work from "Venom Lethal Protector." Additionally, a new symbiote villain group called the Symbiote Six will appear in the comic, with versions of Vulture, Rhino, Doctor Octopus, Electro, The Lizard, and Kraven the Hunter, all being teased on the new cover art by artist Björn Barends for the issue. The Symbiote Six can be seen taking on Codex and Anne Weying's "Agent Venom." Cullen Bunn, Gerardo Sandoval, and Justin Mason also contribute to the upcoming comic. Kid Venom's story will continue throughout the crossover event, with Taigami being listed as a writer and artist on future issues of the "Death of the Venomverse." 

"Death of The Venomverse" #2 arrives in comic book stores and online retailers on August 16, 2023. Carnage's attack begins in "Death of The Venomverse" #1, releasing on August 2nd.