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Marvel's New King In Black Teased As Next Evolution For Carnage

*Contains spoilers for "Web of Carnage" #1 by Marvel Comics*

Carnage is coming for the ultimate symbiote crown in the Marvel Universe, as the deadly villain will try to slice his way to the top to become the new King in Black.

In the previously teased "Summer of Symbiotes," the "Death of the Venomverse" was revealed. Marvel Comics has now announced Carnage will play a key role as one of the destructive forces behind the upcoming event, as "Web of Carnage" #1 will focus on the Carnage symbiote going after a familiar foe. Carnage's reign will spin off across multiple titles, as the horrifying villain will go after several symbiotes in his quest to gain power. The events will culminate in a reunion with his first host Cletus Kasady, with the former bonded characters working against one another. By the end of the event, Carnage will have powered himself up considerably and turned his quest into killing every Venom from every timeline. For those looking for Carnage to be fully unleashed, the crossover event will see the symbiote go on a rampage like never before.

Is Carnage becoming the new King in Black?

The King in Black was first introduced in Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman's "Venom" run, with his symbiote takeover beginning in the "King in Black" crossover event. Knull, the God of Symbiotes, changed the lore and origins of symbiotes after debuting, with his creation predating the current Marvel Universe. The Celestial killer and creator of All-Black the Necrosword, created symbiotes and tried to take over Earth during his invasion. Knull nearly succeeded, bringing an army of symbiote dragons to Earth and infecting some of its greatest heroes. But, thanks to Eddie Brock gaining the powers of the Enigma Force, previously used by Captain Universe, which made him Knull's opposite as the God of Light, the villain was defeated.

In the current "Venom" series from Al Ewing and Cafu, Eddie Brock has assumed the mantle of the King in Black. The hero has attempted to lead the symbiotes and offer them freedom. However, in the comics, Eddie Brock's death sent him through time, where he's met future versions of himself as the King in Black. The former Spider-Man villain was recently transported to the Un-Beyond, where he learned the truth about the true home of the King in Black, the symbiotes being the dark reflection of the Beyonders, and how he was stuck in a nonlinear time-loop — destined to supervise the Venomverse and ensure another wild King in Black, such as Knull, is never created. For Eddie Brock and company, saving the Venomverse from its next rising threat just became his number one priority, as Carnage is mowing down Venoms to becoming the new King in Black.

Carnage is coming for the throne of King in Black

While the "Summer of Symbiotes" will focus on many heroes and villains who spawned from the introduction of Venom, such as Red Goblin, the new symbiote Madness, and new Venoms, it's Carnage's quest that will be the main hook of the crossover. After going after Morlun in "Web of Carnage" by Ram V and Francesco Manna, Carnage will try to dethrone Venom as the King in Black. The "Cult of Carnage: Mysery" by Sabir Pirzada and Francesco Mortarino will introduce Madness, who will battle against Liz Allan's new symbiote, Misery. Next, "Venom" #23 will introduce a new Toxin, a direct offspring of Carnage who will spar with Dylan and Eddie Brock. Lastly, following "Extreme Venomverse," "The Death of the Venomverse" from Cullen Bunn and Gerardo Sandoval will conclude the symbiote-filled summer, with teases for the miniseries highlighting Carnage's massive power upgrade as he attempts to eradicate all Venoms across the Multiverse.

Cover art by Bjorn Barends teases Carnage's evolution, as the image shows his terrifying new form as he stands over the corpses of symbiotes. While it's not confirmed he will become the new King in Black, the art strongly suggests, at the very least, he'll get close to acquiring the role.

Carnage's attempt to become King in Black unfolds from May until August, with "Cult of Carnage: Misery" #1 kicking the event off, while "Death of Venomverse" will conclude it. The crossover will also occur in the pages of "Red Goblin," "Web of Carnage," and "Venom."