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NCIS: The Idea For The Hawaii Spin-Off Was Spawned On New Orleans

CBS has been one of the most watched networks for the better part of two decades, and according to TVLine, "NCIS: Hawaii" is one of the many contributors that helped the network become a powerhouse in terms of viewership. The series, starring Vanessa Lachey, follows another group of Naval crime fighters seeking justice in the tropical jurisdiction. Some, however, might not be aware that the idea for the Hawaii-set spinoff was cultivated on another "NCIS" show that called New Orleans its home base of operations.

"NCIS: Hawaii" co-creator and co-showrunner Christopher Silber has also worked on other properties within the franchise, like "NCIS: New Orleans." During his tenure on the Louisiana-based spinoff, Silber revealed that he and executive producer Jan Nash decided to take their talents to the 50th state when trying to bring a new persona into the mix. "I was running NCIS: New Orleans and Jan later ran it with me during season six of the series. Around that time, when we were brainstorming on introducing a new character, we started talking about where that character would come from," Silber said in an interview with Arabian Moda. "We realized that there is an NCIS office in Hawai'i at Pearl Harbor, and felt that it was a great idea for a show!" The "NCIS" writer and producer also added why it was vital for the spinoff's production to take place in Hawaii, saying, "What was important to us was to do a show, like New Orleans, where the place it was set in, was equally a character. There is a gift that comes with shooting your show in the city it takes place in." And he isn't the only one who thinks shooting in the lush paradise is the gift that keeps giving.

The cast believes Hawaii is a game changer for NCIS

Christoper Silber believes there is a distinct advantage to filming a series in the location it is set in, and several of the stars of "NCIS: Hawaii" not only agree with that sentiment but also have their own takes on why that concept couldn't be more correct. Vanessa Lachey believes the island location helps the "NCIS" spinoff stand out from the other titles in the franchise and also mentioned the perks of having the setting itself double as one of the show's most unique characters. "We do have the luxury of ... the islands of Hawaii, specifically of Oahu and Pearl [Harbor], " the actress said in an interview. "So there's that other character of, the backdrop of, Hawaii that we get. So that's to our advantage." The actress that plays Special Agent Jane Tennant isn't the only one known to discuss the advantages of having Hawaii on the roster for "NCIS."

Tori Anderson, who plays FBI Agent Kate Whistler in the series, believes their area of operation and the people that reside within it are vital to the appeal of "NCIS: Hawaii." "It's a team environment, and that's such an amazing thing to bring in, especially on the islands of Hawaii, is this feeling of "ohana" [family], and that's so important to the culture here," Anderson said in an exclusive interview. "But it's also a vital part of "NCIS" too. It's kind of an amalgamation of the two, the "NCIS" franchise and Hawaii and the people here. It's sort of a really nice marriage."

The choice to bring "NCIS" to the islands of Hawaii has evidently worked out well for many reasons, and to think, it all started in New Orleans.