Fire Country's Finale Has Fans Officially Fed Up With The Series

After 22 episodes, it seems as if some fans aren't exactly keen on the season finale for "Fire Country." This could be because audiences have grown rather fond of Bode Donovan (Max Thieriot), a prisoner who is offered a chance to fight fires and other natural disasters in order to mitigate some of his criminal sentence. 

As "Fire Country" progresses, viewers quickly learn that Bode is an honorable person who is trying to do what it is right, regardless of the law, which is why he has no problem breaking the rules. This quickly earns him friends like Manny Perez (Kevin Alejandro), a captain in the fire department.

The last episode of "Fire Country" focuses on multiple events, which include a dangerous mudslide, a wedding, and a parole hearing. Considering the entire overarching plot of "Fire Country" and the many heroic efforts of Bode, many assumed Bode's parole hearing would go smoothly. Unfortunately, his drug test comes back positive, and because of his deep sense of duty, he lies about using drugs. 

This ending has resonated with fans, but not in a good way. They have taken to social media to express their displeasure. 

"Worst episode yet," u/Brust_Flusterer wrote on Reddit. "I'm officially done with this garbage."

Some fans question how the season finale of Fire Country ended

Many others also found themselves frustrated with the events of the season finale for "Fire Country," and they had no qualms about letting their anger be known. Continuing on Reddit, u/CoachEvan15 said they are done with "Fire Country" after the legal shenanigans that have transpired, and they added they would have continued to watch the show even if Bode was no longer an inmate. u/Cletus2319 was also upset with the season finale of "Fire Country," and they aren't interested in watching after what they consider was the worst episode. 

"That whole situation with Bode was ridiculous," u/count_strahd_z wrote. "So they're basically like I think you are lying, so if you admit you did this thing and go back to prison, we'll help your friend otherwise we're burning him. Did that person have a personal vendetta against Bode? After all of the heroism this guy has shown in the field, they believe he'd just throw it all away days from being freed? The whole drug story line is stupid." u/villan even went so far to suggest that "Fire Country" should now be over, and that it doesn't deserve a second season after that finale episode.

Other fans hope that Fire Country gets canceled for its transgression

The above users weren't the only ones who lamented the misstep of "Fire Country." u/Tdawgfiles wasn't happy with the ending either. 

"This was some BS," they wrote. "There's no logical reason he couldn't have just lied to the parole board and told his friends and family the situation. This ruined the show, FYI. Not coming back for Season 2 because it's literally just a formula of Bodie being unable to be free or else there's no 'Fire Country'/'3Rock' connection. I swear the writers just said, 'What's the craziest stuff we can toss in here that will then all be used against Bodie when we need it to.'" 

u/RickWest495 wondered what the writers were thinking in crafting this season finale, which was a sentiment echoed by u/Bladons, who had a lot of confusion with the plot decisions and story elements. u/Different-Deal-8714 added they are done with "Fire Country" after what they considered was a horrible ending, which ruined the show. 

The final episode has a significantly lower audience score than the rest of the season

u/TheBoatyMcBoatFace let everybody know their heart has been broken by the season finale, and much like many of the above comments, they stated they are now done with the show. This comment caused others to reply, like u/HotMessExpress96, who said they loved this show before the season finale. They added the plot of the season finale was ridiculous and made very little sense. Likewise, u/Cholla2 also used to love the show and is now left in a state of confusion over "Fire Country."

Considering all of these opinions, many people weren't happy with the Season 1 finale, which one can notice from more than just comments on Reddit. Checking out user submitted scores for "Fire Country" on IMDb, many of the episodes score well; however, the final episode is a different story as it has a 4.6 out of ten at the time of this writing. Before the season finale, the lowest rated episode of "Fire Country" on IMDb was 7.6. In other words, the season finale of "Fire Country" created a firestorm of negative opinions with many fans declaring they are done with the drama.