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GOTG 3: Will Poulter Went Through A 3 Month Audition Process To Land Adam Warlock

Will Poulter has come a long way from his early years in acting. Over the past decade, he's transformed from awkward teen Kenny Rossmore in 2013's "We're the Millers" to the Sovereign's weapon, Adam Warlock, in "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3." However, landing the role of the newest Guardian wasn't an overnight achievement.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, when asked if the "Guardians" casting process was difficult, he admitted that it was. In fact, Poulter spent most of the summer of 2021 trying to secure this high-profile gig. "[I]t was three months and several different stages, culminating in a screen test and in a version of the costume and makeup. So it was arduous and not particularly easy because I didn't know exactly what I was auditioning for, initially," said Poulter. "I didn't actually get to read a full script until after I was cast."

But after seeing the first two "Guardians of the Galaxy" films, he felt confident that director and writer James Gunn would be able to create a solid third installment. "So it wasn't like I placed some kind of crazy bet," said Poulter. Still, this tedious casting process wasn't the only hurdle Poulter had to overcome in order to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Will Poulter had an entire fitness team supporting his superhero transformation

Similar to Chris Pratt, who lost 60-plus pounds and got shredded when he was first cast as Peter Quill, Will Poulter had to enhance his workout regime to look the part of a superhero. Luckily, Poulter had already begun a transformation for 2021's "Dopesick," which involved a shirtless scene. Not only did his new training — which largely took place during the pandemic — enhance his physical appearance, it also improved his mental health. Therefore, when it came time to up the ante for "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3," he was able and willing to get back into it.

"I was able to do so with a team of people who really helped me do it in a way that was safe and natural, while preserving my mental health through the process and preventing any injuries," he told The Hollywood Reporter. 

Poulter specifically thanked Ben Caraway, designer of his fitness program, trainer Daryl Richards, nutritionist Aaron Deere, and Chef Patricia Homma, who also whips up healthy meals for Pratt.