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Arrow Season 7 Trailer Sees Oliver In Jail, New Villains Descending On Star City

Contains spoilers for Arrow season 6

When life gets rough, all anyone needs is just a little bit of faith that clear skies and sunny days are ahead. This rings painfully true for Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), whose world has been anything but bright after getting handcuffed and thrown in the slammer. 

Season 7 of the hit Worlds of DC series Arrow is set to explore just how rough Oliver has had it during his incarceration. The CW released a new trailer for the forthcoming season of the show during San Diego Comic-Con, and it picks up five months after Oliver's arrest by the FBI and his jaw-dropping public reveal of his Green Arrow identity at the end of season 6

Though handing himself into law enforcement and telling the world who he really is meant Oliver would be placed in a maximum security prison, his sacrifice ensured complete immunity for his Team Arrow crew, who struggle without their former leader. 

As Oliver tries to keep a low profile in jail — a wildly unfeasible feat considering many of his fellow inmates are people he put there — the citizens of Star City adjust to life without any "acts of vigilantism." For the five months Oliver has been behind bars, vigilantes have kept a low profile. That is, until a new Green Arrow appears. 

The mystery assailant showing himself in Star City throws the new normal completely off kilter, and as Team Arrow continues their hunt for the big bad Ricardo Diaz (Kirk Acevedo), even more new hooded figures emerge from the shadows. This season, our main gang of heroes will meet the Longbow Hunters, a collection of highly skilled assassins Diaz recruited to join him in his mission to assassinate the Green Arrow, that consist of the Red Dart (Holly Elissa), Kodiak (Michael Jonsson), and the Silencer (Miranda Edwards). 

It's unclear who the new Green Arrow is, but the best theory as to who he might be is Roy Harper, better known as Arsenal. We know that Colton Haynes, the face behind the hero, is returning as a series regular in season 7. Looping him back into the narrative as the dude who takes a stand against vigilante oppression and brings the Green Arrow name back to life seems pretty plausible. 

With Oliver in prison, Star City without heroes, Team Arrow fending for themselves, someone who isn't Oliver flinging arrows at criminals, and a pack of ruthless villains descending upon the unsuspecting town, the seventh season of Arrow will certainly look and feel much different than seasons past. 

Catch the Arrow season 7 premiere — which star Amell says he hopes will make fans "super-pissed at Oliver" — on Monday, October 15 on the CW.