Fast X: Jason Momoa Admits He Went Over The Top As Dante Reyes

Contains spoilers for "Fast X."

As the first part of the epic three-part finale, "Fast X" delivers a thrilling introduction to the explosive conclusion. The film introduces a formidable adversary, Dante Reyes (Jason Momoa), who throws a dangerous wrench in the peaceful life Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) built for his family. Reyes returns to seek vengeance for his fallen father who was killed during one of Toretto's death-defying missions. Following the highly anticipated release of "Fast X," Momoa relishes his larger-than-life role as Reyes.

Jason Momoa, most famous for his heroic role as Aquaman in the DC films, subverts expectations by depicting an over-the-top villain who's determined to ruin Toretto's life in every way imaginable. His vendetta is so powerful that it surpasses simply getting revenge by killing Dom and instead focuses on Reyes' desire to see Toretto suffer. 

With Yahoo!, Momoa warned that an even more intense version of the antagonist exists and that the filmmakers utilized his "safer takes." "I think they probably put out the safe takes to tell you the truth," the actor said. "I haven't seen it yet, but I would probably encourage them to use the safer takes. So if there was a one to 10, I think we'd probably be seeing the four of everything."

This is both interesting and unsettling, especially considering the theatrical version featured Reyes painting the finger and toenails of a couple of his murdered victims. That disturbing image was perfectly capped off with the character unexpectedly draped in pink and purple with matching pigtails. Following his cliffhanging dastardly move in "Fast X," Momoa is looking to go to even more extreme measures with Reyes in the sequel films. 

Momoa hopes to push the character even further in future films

After Dante Reyes witnesses his father's death at the unwitting hands of Dominic Toretto and Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker), he vows to exact a terrible revenge that irrevocably damages Toretto. However, Jason Momoa warns he's just getting started as Reyes shapes up to be Dom's toughest enemy yet — an enemy who gleefully enjoys tormenting him.

The first reactions from "Fast X" call it a high-octane blast with Jason Momoa stealing the show through his villainous debut in the franchise. The actor fully embraced the role and went all out as the maniacal foe with some of his performance being left on the cutting room floor. 

Speaking with Yahoo!, Momoa said that he hopes he's able to unleash that side in future installments after giving it his all. "I go pretty out there and a lot of stuff, and so I think it's a safe bet," Momoa said. "I think after we see everyone enjoy this character, I'm hoping in two they let me go even more and we get to see his true... The way I want it, you know, truly how Dante is. We'll see."

Based on the audience's early excitement for Momoa's deranged depiction of Reyes, it's safe to say he'll be able to let loose even more in the remaining sequels. This will surely send the franchise out on an exciting high note as it races full-speed toward the finish line.