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Fear The Walking Dead Season 4B Trailer Rocks San Diego Comic-Con

Just as Creedence Clearwater Revival saw a bad moon rising, the characters of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead sense a major storm coming — one that fails to offer its victims calm once it passes. 

During the series' panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday afternoon, the network released an exclusive trailer for the second half of the fourth season, which will premiere after a two-month hiatus on August 12. 

The footage is quite intense, if we do say so ourselves, diving back into the lives of Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey), Morgan Jones (Lennie James), and their not-so-merry band of travelers following the series' shocking midseason finale. (Kim Dickens' Madison Clark getting killed off — something the actress didn't want to happen — is a TV twist we'll be talking about for months to come.)

It won't be easy rounding up the crew, though, since they're facing gnarly winds of the Twister variety that have ripped them apart and scattered them across the land like jimmies on a sundae. 

"They could be anywhere," Alicia says in the trailer. "We could find them, or we could find them dead, or we could die trying to find them."

At some point in Fear the Walking Dead season 4B, the gang will meet up with Danay García's Luciana, Colman Domingo's Strand, and Jenna Elfman's June, as well as get acquainted with Aaron Stanford, Stephen Henderson, and Mo Collins' characters — all new additions to the post-apocalyptic horror drama series. 

Of course, the literal storm that's brewing in the sky isn't the only one our Fear favorites will have to weather. A pack of walkers is headed their way, and as they inch nearer, tensions rise and sanity drops. At one point in the trailer, Morgan stares at his own reflection, the phrase "I lose people, I lose myself" scribbled on his forehead. 

Watching as a group of strangers tries their hand at joining the core crew of Fear the Walking Dead will be intriguing (especially now, in the wake of Madison's death), but it might be more captivating to see the inverse: witness how well an established unit can welcome in those who need a tribe to follow. The "lose people" portion of Morgan's forehead message seems to hint at even more characters dying, which tells us that both the result of the group assimilation and the zombie storm that's a-coming won't be great. 

We can find out for sure when Fear the Walking Dead premieres the second half of season 4 on Sunday, August 12.