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Why Mollie Burkhart From Killers Of The Flower Moon Looks So Familiar

Martin Scorsese has firmly cemented his status as one of the greatest filmmakers who has ever lived. And yet, he's still cranking out one great film after another, with his next project being the highly-anticipated "Killers of the Flower Moon."

The film follows a series of murders to take place in the Osage tribe in Oklahoma in the 1920s. These deaths fall under mysterious circumstances, and the oil-rich land only complicates matters, causing a major FBI investigation. A key figure in these murders is Ernest Burkart, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, who lives amongst this tribe with his wife, Mollie Burkhart, played by Lily Gladstone. DiCaprio may be an Oscar winner, but there's little doubt Gladstone will be able to hold her own in scenes with the actor. 

She already has several impressive projects under her belt that people may recognize her from before they see her in "Killers of the Flower Moon."

Lily Gladstone worked with Kelly Reichardt on multiple occasions

Lily Gladstone's film and TV resume goes back to 2012, but she also has experience in the world of theater. One movie where she really had a chance to show her range was 2016's "Certain Women," directed by Kelly Reichardt. She shared the screen with such big names as Michelle Williams and Laura Dern, and despite having a minor role, she was nominated for numerous awards for her performance. 

She would reunite with Reichardt again in another critically-acclaimed film, "First Cow," playing Chief Factor's Wife. Much like her "Certain Women" role, it's a small part. In fact, it's only one scene. However, Gladstone truly embodies the spirit that there are no small parts, only small actors. She makes the most of her time on-screen. Gladstone spoke about her collaboration with the director to Seventh Row, "There was a bit of time where Kelly and I were just finding our language together on set. The more specific the directions got, the more in the weeds we would both get. The main thing that Kelly said to me that made it work — and then, after that point, every take in the can was just exciting — was she just told me to be more introverted."

A more complete conversation exists in the ebook "Roads to nowhere — an ebook on Kelly Reichardt."

She appeared on a few episodes of Billions

In addition to starring in critically-acclaimed movies, Lily Gladstone is also no stranger to prestige television. She appeared as Roxanne on a total of four episodes of "Billions." She ends up becoming the mother of Chuck Sr.'s (Jeffrey DeMunn) child, and the two get married in "The New Decas," despite the fact she's significantly younger than he is. However, that wasn't the only reason the ceremony was an awkward affair, as "Billions" fans can attest to.

After "The New Decas," Roxanne only appears one more time in "Billions," which would be Season 5's "Beg, Bribe, Bully." It is an apt title, seeing how Chuck Jr. (Paul Giamatti) has to learn to make nice with his new stepmother as well as his new baby sister. Similar to her roles in "Certain Women" and "First Cow," Gladstone doesn't have the biggest role in the show, but she uses every moment to her utmost advantage, making her leading status in "Killers of the Flower Moon" a very exciting thing to look forward to.

Lily Gladstone appeared on the second season of Reservation Dogs

Lily Gladstone continued applying the "less is more" approach to her roles on Season 2 of "Reservation Dogs." She plays Hokti, who is Daniel's mother. Daniel's death lingers over much of the action of "Reservation Dogs" from the first episode, and viewers got an additional glimpse into his home life when Willie Jack (Paulina Alexis) goes to visit his mother in prison. Hokti then leads Willie Jack in prayer, and in a powerful moment, her ancestors appear behind her. 

The moment was particularly resonant for co-creator Sterlin Harjo, as he told Entertainment Weekly that he had learned his uncle died right before they filmed that scene. He explained, "I literally had my dad walk up to me and tell me my uncle died — who the character Hokti was sort of based on. So that was crazy, and also beautiful, because [the scene] was about ancestors keeping watch over you and people that were gone watching over you, so that really happened and it was pretty powerful."

Lily Gladstone elevates any material she's given, and it's great to see her finally get a meaty part with "Killers of the Flower Moon." Deadline is already declaring her an early Oscar contender for her role as Mollie Burkhart, and if her other performances are any indication, it will be well-deserved.