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How Many Episodes Of Grey's Anatomy: B-Team Are There?

If there's one spin-off series that "Grey's Anatomy" fans often forget to talk about, it's the short-lived "Grey's Anatomy: B-Team." This little hidden gem of a show features major cast members from the main show's cast, primarily centering upon the early exploits of the medical interns from Season 14, but also featuring the odd "Grey's Anatomy" veteran or two. Based on where Grey's Anatomy: B-Team" falls in the franchise timeline, it also serves as a nice little trip down memory lane for longtime fans.

Before they decide to take the plunge, some interested viewers may want to know how many episodes "Grey's Anatomy: B-Team" has in total. Those who decide to watch the abbreviated spin-off can look forward to six brief installments of the series in total. They're also fortunately available to stream for free online, so viewers don't have to worry about purchasing them or subscribing to a specific streaming service.

How long does it take to watch Grey's Anatomy: B-Team?

Having a miniseries spin-off of "Grey's Anatomy" with only six episodes is one thing, but some viewers may be more concerned with the level of time investment that would go into watching the entirety of "Grey's Anatomy: B-Team." As will likely delight busy fans (and, perhaps, disappoint those craving a massive batch of extra content), the amount of time it takes to watch the show is very small, and the whole thing can even be watched in a single sitting without much issue.

Each episode of the series clocks in at roughly 10 to 20 seconds below the three-minute mark, making for some positively bite-sized installments. When stringing them all together, the show has a total runtime of just under 17 minutes. For reference, that's a little over a third of the average runtime for a single modern episode of "Grey's Anatomy" proper, so fans don't have to worry about seeing this little side narrative play out for hours on end.

Between a small episode count and the brief runtimes for each, "Grey's Anatomy" fans have little reason to hold out on watching "Grey's Anatomy: B-Team." At the very least, it's a far easier prospect than doing a rewatch of the main series, with how long that behemoth has been running for.