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Here's Where You Can Stream Grey's Anatomy: B-Team

With how long "Grey's Anatomy" has been running for, it's no surprise that the juggernaut of the medical procedural genre has managed to spawn a couple of Shondaland spin-offs. Of course, there are the well-known entries, like the Addison Montgomery-centric "Private Practice" and the firefighter-focused "Station 19." However, even some of the most die-hard "Grey's Anatomy" fans may be surprised to learn that the show also has yet another spin-off that was arguably more intrinsically tied to the series than either of these other two shows.

"Grey's Anatomy: B-Team," a web spin-off of the main series, aired six mini episodes in 2018. Don't let the short runtime and webseries status fool you — this little show is entirely canonical and follows the then-newbie interns who joined the series around Season 14, including Sophia Taylor Ali's Dahlia Qadri. As such, it's certainly worth a watch for franchise devotees, but they may also find themselves wondering how to go about actually viewing it. Fortunately, the answer is quite simple and doesn't require a paywall.

Grey's Anatomy: B-Team is free on YouTube

There's only one official way to stream "Grey's Anatomy: B-Team" online, but that method is fortunately both accessible and completely free. All six installments of the miniseries can be watched on the official ABC YouTube channel, starting with Episode 1. There's no account required, though some viewers may have to go through a couple of ads to reach the content. It's a pretty quick watch, however, as each episode runs just under three minutes long. In total, the series has a runtime of roughly 16-and-a-half minutes.

Of course, some fans with a preservationist mentality may find the fact that "Grey's Anatomy: B-Team" is only watchable via a single source to be a little concerning. Indeed, if these public videos were to eventually get taken down, there's no other official way out there to stream the spin-off series at the moment. To top it off, the series has never seen a physical release, so viewers can forget about popping in one of the many DVDs for the various "Grey's Anatomy" seasons and getting access to the content that way. Nonetheless, "Grey's Anatomy: B-Team" is still easily watchable on YouTube even years after it was first released, and there has been no indication that the videos will be taken down or removed any time soon.