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Chicago Med: Fans Loathe Jack Dayton's Treatment Of Marcel

Contains spoilers for "Chicago Med," Season 8, Episode 21

When Jack Dayton (Sasha Roiz) was first introduced in Season 8, Episode 4 of "Chicago Med," fans weren't sure whether he was going to be a good or bad guy. Dr. Crockett Marcel (Dominic Rains) complains to Dean Archer (Steven Weber) about the traffic that morning, and Archer quickly blames it on Dayton and his 'new toy,' the Hypertrain. 

Unfortunately, the train jumping the tracks was apparently foreshadowing what was to come, as Dayton soon decides to use Gaffney Medical Center to promote his next toy, the OR 2.0.

After catching Marcel off guard by telling the media that Marcel will be performing a live-streamed surgery on him to promote the OR 2.0, it's obvious that Marcel is not happy. "Dr. Marcel looks like he's ready to punch Dayton and I would approve," @hollym1289 wrote on Twitter. Things only get worse when Dayton presents Marcel with the data from Richard Evans' (Dan Bucatinsky) surgery that had gone missing — and puts the blame squarely on Marcel instead of OR 2.0. 

Marcel has put up with Dayton's controlling nature so far, but fans are angry with Dayton's gaslighting treatment of Marcel.

Dayton convinces Marcel he's to blame for the failed surgery

When Marcel begins questioning why the surgery on Richard Evans (Dan Bucatinsky) resulted in his death in "Chicago Med"'s Season 8, Episode 21, he's baffled when the data from the surgery is missing. But he's more concerned when Dayton then presents a flash drive that he claims has the data he's looking for, and tells Marcel that he's to blame, not OR 2.0. "I don't buy for one second that Crockett was actually at fault," tweeted @MeetUsatMollys. Luckily Dr. Grace Song (T.V. Carpio) also checks out the data and notices a discrepancy: the lesion that Marcel attempted to ablate was actually a phantom lesion created by OR 2.0.

"Imagine Dalton [guilt] tripping Crockett that it was his fault and not OR 2.0.," tweeted @OAgbama. Dayton is so blind to the idea that his machine may have faults, that he deleted the data and immediately blamed Marcel instead of looking closer at the evidence. "I hope Crockett sues Jack Dayton for interfering with the surgery via the faulty 2.0.," wrote @BethHoller. With Dayton's OR 2.0 surgery planned for the "Chicago Med" season finale, fans hope that Marcel learns the truth and refuses to be Dayton's puppet any longer.