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Why Pancho Reyes From ¡Que Viva México! Looks So Familiar

Netflix has a new Spanish-language film that's been finding an international audience, breaking into the streaming platform's Top 10 Movies. "¡Que viva México!" was released in its native country of Mexico back in March, but now, it's available on Netflix for all to see since May 11. While subtitles might be necessary, it's clearly not deterring a lot of people from checking out the film, which has ample comedy to transcend borders.

The movie follows Pancho Reyes (Alfonso Herrera), a wealthy man who one day discovers his grandfather passed away. Pancho's hesitant to return to his family, seeing how he abandoned them to pursue a more prosperous future for himself, but with the advice of his wife, he decides to go to the inheritance reading. It'll be a decision that changes his life.

Herrera has a lengthy filmography encompassing all kinds of genres. He gets a chance to flex his comedic muscles in the latest Netflix film, but he's proven himself adept at drama, as well, as his resume indicates.

Alfonso Herrera is no stranger to Netflix properties, having previously appeared on Sense8

Alfonso Herrera made a name for himself appearing in Spanish-language properties, but in the 2010s, he began breaking out into more mainstream series in the United States. One of his biggest breakthroughs came when he landed the role of Hernando on Netflix's "Sense8."

The series had a passionate fanbase, who were naturally outraged when they felt the show was prematurely canceled after only two seasons. It's easy to see why the show was such a hit with a large group of people, as it tackled a number of social issues, including gender and sexuality, in a science-fiction setting. Herrera was definitely part of that conversation, as his character was in a gay relationship with Lito (Miguel Angel Silvestre). Although the two actors playing the characters were heterosexual, they believed in pushing themselves to play these roles authentically. 

Herrera even spoke with Out to discuss how he was honored to be part of such a project: "I think the main hypothesis of the show is that in a certain way, we're all connected. No matter the color of your skin, no matter your sexual preference, no matter your religion, no matter your nationality, we're all connected. I'm quite happy to be a part of this show with this revolutionary story and a platform that revolutionized away we watch TV with directors that revolutionized cinema."

He delved into the supernatural with Fox's The Exorcist

While Alfonso Herrera was appearing on "Sense8," he had another high-profile TV show to his name with Fox's "The Exorcist." He had the lead role of Father Tomas Ortega, who's one of a duo of exorcists who go around investigating demonic possessions. Unfortunately, "The Exorcist" would be another victim of early cancelation as Fox ended the series after its second season

Similar to how Herrera had to bond with his "Sense8" partner, he also had to connect with Ben Daniels, who played Father Marcus Keane on "The Exorcist." Although those two have a very different relationship, Herrera spoke to Deadline about how the two of them had a blast filming their scenes together despite coming from disparate backgrounds: "Every single time we go to film, we have a blast. Yes, we come from very different backgrounds and he lives in England and I live in Mexico City, but I remember when we shoot the pilot, I took Ben to the wrestling match and the fun we had."

Despite fans' cries for a third season, it never materialized, but despite "The Exorcist" and "Sense8" ending back to back, Herrera wouldn't be short on work any time soon. 

Alfonso Herrera returned to Netflix with Ozark

Alfonso Herrera got the chance to show what a nefarious character he could play when he was cast as Javi in Season 4 of Netflix's "Ozark." The final season of the Emmy-winning series went out with a bang, and as such, the show introduced some new blood to give the Byrde family a run for their money. One of these characters was the hot-headed nephew of Navarro (Felix Solis), who added some much-needed tension in the final batch of episodes. 

Looking over Herrera's career, it's hard to track any kind of throughline. He's played an array of different characters, from a holy priest to a member of the cartel. However, Herrera has enjoyed the challenge, as he told Sharp Magazine, "I embraced the opportunity, and I think it's incredible to navigate in these different types of roles — it's fun. Otherwise, what's the point? It's good to receive a story, to roll up your sleeves and say 'OK, now I'm going to try and do something completely different.'"

Most fans are recently familiar with Herrera playing a big bad on "Ozark," but he shows off his sillier side in "¡Que viva México!" He's an actor of dimension, and it's exciting to think of what he'll pull off next.