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Which Marvel Villain Could WWE's Seth Rollins Be Playing In Captain America: New World Order?

Marvel has seen great luck casting wrestlers in its franchise. Dave Bautista became a fan-favorite as Drax the Destroyer in the "Guardians of the Galaxy" franchise. It would appear the Marvel machine is hoping lightning strikes twice, as it would appear Seth Rollins has joined the cast of "Captain America: New World Order."

Twitter user @Christo45951886 snapped a few behind-the-scenes pictures while filming for "Captain America 4" took place in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to getting a glimpse of Anthony Mackie wearing what looks like a new Cap suit, there's also a picture of Seth Rollins in full green regalia. It's quite the development, seeing how Rollins hadn't been confirmed as appearing in the movie until that point, and it begs the question of who he'll play. 

Considering his costume and overall vibe, a villainous character would be a safe guess. Considering the movie has a bunch of gamma-related players, like Thunderbolt Ross (Harrison Ford), who turns into Red Hulk in the comics, and The Leader (Tim Blake Nelson), it's possible he could play someone in that camp. In Marvel Comics, there's Rick Jones, who was once an alternate version of Bucky (giving him some significance to Captain America). Later, he becomes a gamma-powered Hulk who can call upon the Destiny Force. Then again, it's possible he's playing a character a bit more down to earth.

Seth Rollins could be joining the Serpent Society

While "Captain America: New World Order" has a lot of Hulk-based characters, it is still a "Captain America" movie at the end of the day. As such, it would make sense for there to be some sort of antagonist who has more of a relationship with Cap. That's why it may make sense for Seth Rollins to be playing a member of the Serpent Society, assuming they're playing a part in the film. 

The Serpent Society has been teased for a Cap film for a while now. In 2016 when Kevin Feige was unveiling the Phase 3 slate, he initially stated that "Captain America 3" would be "Captain America: Serpent Society." However, further along in the presentation, he would recant that unveiling and showing Marvel's true intention to pursue "Civil War." Seven years later, there's been no word if Serpent Society will ever factor into a Marvel project, but "Captain America 4" may be just the place.

Looking at the Twitter photo, Rollins definitely has some snakey vibes going on with the green outfit. All he's missing is some kind of cobra hood, and he'd look straight out of a Serpent Society comic. It's also worth noting there's a woman behind him in the picture wearing a similar green costume. She even has markings on her arms resembling scales. They could both be playing members of the Serpent Society, giving Captain America a lot to deal with between them (theoretically) and The Leader. Nothing has been confirmed as far as Serpent Society's role in the movie (if any) and the true nature of Rollins' character, but more will surely be revealed as the movie marches toward its May 3, 2024 release date.