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The Bear Season 2's First Trailer Has Us Hungry For More

Last year, creator Christopher Storer rustled up a surprise television dish, which was a treat with audiences and critics alike. The binge-able drama series "The Bear" was a hit and led its star Jeremy Allen White to nab a Golden Globe for his efforts as Carmy, the chef with high hopes for his late brother's old diner. Now, the trailer for the second serving has arrived online, seasoned with all the energy and mouth-watering visuals that audiences have become accustomed to. 

After finding the funds they didn't know they had at the end of "The Bear" Season 1, Carmy (White) and crew are back on the grind in the joint effort to make 'The Bear' restaurant a reality. Naturally, though, given this collection of talent and the pressure they're all facing, tension is as high as it's ever been, which naturally is making things difficult for the head chef looking to mix things up in the best way. One surprise ingredient being added to the mix, however, is Molly Gordon, who looks to be an old flame for Carmy.

Things are looking heated again in The Bear's second season

It's safe to say that the frenetic energy from the debut season hasn't dipped with what's on show in the new trailer. Doors might be closed, but the place is buzzing as each invaluable member of this lovable kitchen crew is going all in on making it, as Ayo Edebiri's Sydney describes it, "a destination spot." 

While Molly Gordon might be the newest face in the trailer, one noticeable absent addition is Bob Odenkirk, who has been confirmed to appear in a currently unknown role in "The Bear" Season 2. There are numerous positions Odenkirk could play, including another member of the Berzatto family. Outside of this, there are other roles he could portray, but the trailer does not reveal what they could be. For now, audiences can only wait and see for "The Bear" to get its warm reopening when the entire season returns on Hulu on June 22.