Fast X's Final Trailer Is Four And A Half Minutes Of Pure Vin Diesel Chaos

Vin Diesel and his ever-expanding family are set to return to the big screen with "Fast X," the latest spectacle from the "Fast and Furious" franchise. This time, the Fast Fam are going head-to-head with the braggadocious Dante (Jason Momoa), the son of Hernan Reyes (Joaquim de Almeida), the antagonist from "Fast Five." Hell-bent on seeking revenge, Dante isn't playing around, putting Dominic Toretto's family in the most danger they've ever been in since, well, 2021's "F9."

In addition to gravity-defying stunts, vehicular warfare, and a captivating villain in Momoa, "Fast X" is set to introduce Captain Marvel star Brie Larson to the franchise. Long-time fans of the franchise can also expect a cameo from Paul Walker's daughter.

Now, just four days before the film is set to race into cinemas, Universal Pictures had debuted a brand-new, final trailer for "Fast X." Oh, and it's four and a half minutes of pure, unadulterated Vin Diesel chaos.

Fast X's latest trailer is big on explosions and spoilers

The final trailer for "Fast X" might just be the longest trailer ever made (?) which means if you're a hardcore Fast Head, maybe sit this one out? You've only got a few more days left before Dom and the gang save the day. 

The trailer starts off with a quick little recap about the Fast Fam and how they've evolved over the years. Remember when they were just petty street racers stealing cheap electronics in 2001's "The Fast and the Furious"? The tenth entry in the franchise remembers too, calling out how they've morphed into literal superheroes over the years. The trailer then segues into showcasing just how damning Jason Momoa's Dante is, highlighting just how obsessed he is with bringing Dominic Toretto down.

The rest of the trailer continues by teasing the family's evolving dynamic and relationships as they navigate the latest threat. A decent amount of time is spent on Cipher (Charlize Theron) and Letty's (Michelle Rodriguez) fight, which is set in some sort of underground, Antarctic secret lair. There's also a nefarious laser contraption thrown in for good measure. 

The release of the trailer is timely considering audiences found out late last week that Dwyane Johnson is returning to the franchise as Hobbs. Is the trailer, coupled with the report about Johnson, a last-ditch effort to bring in reluctant audiences for opening weekend? Maybe. But with a whopping $340 million budget as reported by The Wrap, Vin Diesel's latest is going to need all the help it can get when it debuts.

"Fast X" hits cinemas on May 19.