Who Plays Caleb In Evil Dead Rise?

To celebrate the home release of "Evil Dead Rise," Warner Bros. dropped the first ten minutes online, giving audiences a gore-filled look at one of the year's best horror movies. Even though Deadite-possessed Jessica is the spotlight of the movie's intro, her new boyfriend Caleb somehow manages to be the vilest part of the short scene.

Audiences can praise Richard Crouchley for bringing the stereotypical horrible boyfriend to life in "Evil Dead Rise." The actor wasn't in the horror movie for long, but it was enough to understand that Jessica could do much better as he quickly dismissed her illness, choosing to drink beer and fly his drone around the lake instead.

While Crouchley is still in the early stages of his career, he's already made a name for himself, becoming one of New Zealand's most prominent young actors. He played David Bain in "Black Hands," a miniseries depicting the country's most infamous mass murders, garnering massive attention. Crouchley also appeared in numerous episodes of "Head High," a New Zealand show focusing on rugby. "Evil Dead Rise" is his first major project, but even in his short screen time, Crouchly showed he's a rising young actor to keep an eye on.

Evil Dead Rise continues a franchise trend with a spin

A cabin in the woods has become synonymous with the "Evil Dead" franchise. However, director Lee Cornin took "Evil Dead Rise" in a different direction, trading the secluded campsite for an urban apartment, which lent itself to the latest installment feeling fresh, even if it wasn't solely for that reason.

"To me, it felt very natural to make that move. It wasn't forced in some way of like, 'We need Evil Dead in the city!'" Cronin told Empire. "It was, 'I want a family, and I want it to be urban.' I still treated it very much the same way. I view the apartment as the cabin, and the hallways and the other aspects of the building as the forest."

However, those who have seen "Evil Dead Rise," or just the first ten minutes, know it includes a creepy cabin, giving audiences a brief yet traditional introduction with Jessica's Deadite-induced rampage. It just isn't where the meat of the story takes place. We won't dive into spoilers here, but the story has come full circle by the time "Evil Dead Rise" rolls credits. "It's all part of the exploration of a bigger universe," Cronin said in his interview. Although Warner Bros. has yet to announce the next "Evil Dead" movie, Cronin mentioned that evil "can never really be destroyed," meaning there are plenty of more "Evil Dead" stories to tell.