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The 12 Best Fights From Titans Season 4

Contains spoilers for "Titans" Season 4.

In its fourth and final season, DC's gritty and serious version of the teen heroes is a riveting and explosive entry to the universe. Their take on the "Teen Titans" is a fresh and invigorating adaption that tackles the darkest storylines of the series. In "Titans," the determined and ever-expanding bunch of misfits defeat more than a few formidable enemies that would scare off even the toughest members of the Justice League.

Season 4 features iconic villains like the bald baddie Lex Luthor (Titus Welliver), destructive spellcaster Mother Mayhem (Franka Potente), and fiery force Brother Blood (Joseph Morgan). The Titans continue to face their strongest entities yet, which results in some truly awesome fight sequences. The previous seasons took their time to assemble the awe-inspiring team and Season 4 finally lets them loose at their full potential against these fierce threats.

With new additions to the team like Tim Drake's Robin (Jay Lycurgo), the magic-wielding Jinx (Lisa Ambalavanar), and even a special appearance from "Doom Patrol's" Cyborg (Joivan Wade), "Titans" Season 4 is a well-earned celebration of how far the relentless fighters have come. They band together to defeat these fearsome adversaries with their newly mastered powers to save the world from sure destruction yet again. They also do a whole lot of fighting. Here are the best fights in "Titans" season 4, ranked.

Nightwing and Tim Drake vs. The Ninjas

Season 4 kicks off with notable archenemy Lex Luthor driving the Superman-fueled Metropolis storyline. Luthor sends a swarm of ninjas to attack Nightwing (Brenton Thwaites) and his aspiring Robin apprentice Tim Drake, to test Dick Grayson's fighting skills. This gives us a look at his unyielding strikes and evasive maneuver as he dodges the skilled warriors' moves and throwing stars. 

On top of that, Nightwing is able to harness his fatherly skills as the Titans' protector and keeps Tim from getting harmed. Even though the ambitious young Titan-to-be is itching to get his hands dirty in combat, Dick knows he's not quite ready to leap into real danger just yet. This also adds a sense of urgency that speeds up the sequence in a fun and impressive way that kickstarts the final season off on an exciting note.

Nightwing even gets the chance to show off his electrically charged escrima sticks that surge neon blue against his enemies. He uses them to seamlessly take down the ninjas who prove to be no match for Batman's original Robin. This first fight also poises Luthor as a warm-up act for the real threat, which we soon learn is Mother Mayhem and her sinister plans to doom the world. 

Starfire breezes through Lex's minions

As Nightwing dispenses with Luthor's ninjas, Starfire (Anna Diop) goes straight to the man himself for some good old-fashioned interrogating. While the wealthy supervillain is enjoying a fancy meal, Starfire takes down his henchmen without even breaking a sweat. The beauty in this fight lies in the entertaining subtext that demonstrates just how powerful both forces are.

While Starfire is punching away, Luthor continues eating as he knows he's in no real danger. He's confident the heroine won't hurt him, especially if her friend Connor's (Joshua Orpin) life may be in danger. Starfire, on the other hand, doesn't even need to use her powers to take out the hired security as they're no match for her intensive training. She spares the guards, and Luthor's expensive property, the use of her new blue energy power as she punches and kicks her way through. 

When she finally makes her way to the cryptic menace, they verbally spar over his unsettling interest in Superboy (Connor). This even sets up his conflicting and emotional storyline for the season, where he grapples with how similar he is to Lex Luthor rather than just the beloved hero Superman he idolizes.

The Titans first face off with Mother Mayhem

The Titans' first face-off with Mother Mayhem is an eye-opening encounter that demonstrates just how strong her magical abilities are. They first unleash the unstoppable Superboy on her before realizing they are way over their heads. She swats him away like a fly, leaving the team stunned and scared. 

Their next move is to match magic with magic by sending out Trigon's (Seamus Dever) daughter Raven (Teagan Croft). However, this is exactly what Mother Mayhem wants in her diabolical plan to bring the interdimensional demon back to life. She uses her large wand-like staff to drain Raven's powers and continue taking down the rest of the team. Nightwing attacks Mother Mayhem himself before getting outmatched by her magic. It's only when Starfire taps into her new blue energy force that Mother Mayhem is temporarily thwarted, which spares the heroes from succumbing to her deadly spell.

Their energies collide before blowing up into a dazzling surge that sends the witch packing. However, when they gather around Raven to check on her, she's both lost her abilities and her red gem, which channels and contains her inner supernatural demons. This change is further evident when her hair fades from purple to white in her new powerless form.

Nightwing vs. The Dark Elf Lironne

After their terrifying first encounter with Mother Mayhem, the Titans look for help with magic by turning to Jinx. Nightwing goes on a solo mission with the mischievous trickster who takes him to the dark elf Lironne (Jonelle Gunderson). Jinx quickly checks Nightwings' whimsical expectation of the elves by comparing them to the powerful forces in "The Lord of the Rings." When we meet Lironne, they deliver on Jinx's dark promise by challenging Nightwing to combat.

Before Lironne will give Nightwing the honor of fighting her, she makes him warm up with her devoted lackeys in a rowdy bar fight. The electric club is a perfect backdrop for Nightwing to let loose the melee skills he learned from The Dark Knight himself. He resourcefully takes out numerous bad guys before the dark elf herself steps up. Armed with a sharp and deadly knife, Lironne comes for Nightwing at full force. She precisely reacts to Nightwing's moves before resorting to magic by multiplying the blade. Luckily, the skilled acrobat evades the blades before delivering a final roundhouse kick to the elf's head that abruptly ends the match.

The Titans and Jinx vs. the Army of the Undead

Episode 4, titled "Super Super Mart, fully embraces horror elements in a variety of fun and exciting ways. As Mother Mayhem targets the Titans to get closer to her son Sebastian (Joseph Morgan), she utilizes her manipulative sorceress abilities, possessing a team of unsuspecting employees to attack. The episode lovingly references "Evil Dead" in several bloody tributes that will leave fans screaming.

The single-minded horde scrambles to attack in a way that eerily resembles an army of the undead. This is one of the many "Evil Dead" homages from this episode that makes this fight so enjoyable. Without her powers, it appears Raven is in a heap of trouble until she channels her inner final girl by grabbing a nearby chainsaw. She drives it straight into her enemy's head in another gory homage to the horror series. The episode saves the best for last when a zombie version of Deathstroke (the villain from Season 2, played by Esai Morales), returns to retraumatize the team. When even Superboy's powers prove no match against the supernatural entity, the Titans retreat to save the vulnerable Sebastian and Tim. 

However, Jinx harnesses her magical abilities to break Mother Mayhem's spell by driving a blade directly into the zombie's brain (or lack thereof). 

The Titans and Jinx try to save Connor and Sebastian

When Superboy goes rogue, the Titans must band together to save him and Sebastian from Mother Mayhem's evil clutches. In Episode 6, aptly titled "Brother Blood," our heroes strategize a way to avert the dooming and intricate Blood Moon ritual. The horrifying process will unleash Trigon onto Earth once again, while unknowingly destroying Sebastian in the process.

The Titans urgently muster up all their forces in this daring rescue mission. Here, Part 1 of Season 4 goes out with a roaring bang as each Titan harnesses the full extent of their abilities. Gar, aka Beast Boy (Ryan Potter), turns into a giant green gorilla to take down Mother Mayhem's minions as Starfire lays the witch out with her astonishing blue energy. Nightwing follows suit with his reliable escrima sticks that easily disarm each of Mother Mayhem's devoted followers. 

When Beast Boy frees Raven's trapped powers, the White Raven finally appears in her stunning new wardrobe. Jinx even debuts an impressive new getup before being cut down by Mother Mayhem's pointed staff. In retaliation, Starfire and Raven combine their new powers in an attempt to finally bring down the sinister sorceress. Seeing his mother in danger leads Sebastian to finalize the process by becoming the villainous Brother Blood. This awesome display of power finally gives fans a taste of the Titans at their full potential, which continues to get better in the rest of Season 4. 

Dick Grayson vs. the Cops in the Church

Episode 8, "Dick & Carol & Ted & Kory" takes Nightwing and Starfire to the enchanted land of Caul's Folly where a sinister spell takes over. They begin to forget their memories in the town tasked with protecting Trigon's sacred horn. However, our heroes devise a plan to record an audio track talking about their favorite memories that will snap them out of the curse. 

When Dick realizes what's going on, he begins to see the local officers for who they truly are — Trigon's minions. The officers attack him in a church, proving their alliance with the sinister Trigon and malevolent Mother Mayhem. Even without his Nightwing gear, Dick takes down the corrupt forces and showcases his advanced skills as the original Robin. He goes full "John Wick" by turning a nearby bible into a weapon. What makes this extremely well-choreographed fight even more enjoyable is Dick's out-of-character pink polo shirt that highlights his false Ted personality. To end the brawl, he delivers a final flying knee kick that reminds viewers of his spectacular acrobatic abilities. 

Freedom Beast and Gar vs. Troopers

Gar's trippy adventures in Episode 9 "Dude, Where's My Gar?" finally introduce him to the expansive Red force, connecting him with nearly every living being in the universe. He teams up with Freedom Beast (Nyambi Nyambi) who helps him navigate this awesome new power. The Red gives us a glimpse at a plethora of notable and beloved cameos, including The CW's Flash (Grant Gustin), Stargirl (Brec Bassinger), and even Gar's animated Beast Boy counterpart from "Teen Titans Go!" (voiced by Greg Cipes). The fun sequence, playfully set to The Script's "Superheroes," even helps reunite Gar with his Doom Patrol friends, including his best "Teen Titans" buddy Cyborg.

To cap off the unforgettable episode, Freedom Beast and Best Boy lay down some sweet justice on the sickos experimenting on animals. Now that Beast Boy has connected with the Red, he's more comfortable with his abilities and freely shapeshifts between animals. This jaw-dropping exchange finally delivers on Ryan Potter's ecstatic hype for Season 4 and saves the apes from the evil animal testers. It gives Beast Boy his well-deserved moment to shine in a lively faceoff that showcases his unique powers and demonstrates his love for animals. 

Dick Grayson vs. Rachel's Evil Shadow

In an effort to unbind Rachel from her Trigon brother Sebastian, Dick must destroy the manifestation of Rachel's evil shadow. It takes the form of a ghoulish zombie that further shows the dangers of the magical forces they're up against. Regardless of the threat and consequences, Dick's protective nature over Rachel goes all the way back to the origins of the series. This elevates his gripping standoff with the demon, culminating in a nail-biting match.

He quickly learns he can't physically fight the creature but that doesn't mean he won't still try. Though it's connected to Rachel, he won't give up his attempt to save her. When all hope seems lost and the monster is about to hurt Rachel, Dick finds his faith and ignites the enchanted knife. He plunges it into the beast and saves Rachel in a haunting sequence that cements Season 4's horror elements in a consistent and compelling way.

Robin's (Tim Drake) first night in Gotham

Tim Drake gets an impressive upgrade in Episode 10 "Game Over," when Dick sends him back to Gotham on an important mission. He doesn't know it at the time, but Tim is about to receive some top-notch Robin training — but before that, he gives the streets a try on his own. His first attempt mirrors the very first episode of "Titans" in striking fashion, with a dark and grim alleyway drenched in a steady rainstorm. Robin swoops down from above to take down the criminals, though things don't quite go according to plan.

With his awe-inspiring new Robin suit, he puts his retractable bo-staff to good use by cracking some bad guy skulls. Even after they knock his weapon away, he continues delivering punch after punch. Unfortunately, the newbie is still a little green for the mean streets of Gotham and gets overpowered by the armed gunman. Thankfully, he's saved in the nick of time by a familiar face, when Red Hood (Curran Walters) expertly — and unexpectedly — takes them out. He then gives Tim a hand up and takes him back to his lair for some exciting and much-needed Robin training. 

Tim's Robin training with Red Hood

"Titans" Season 4 saves one of the best surprises for last, with Curran Walters' Jason Todd returning for a very special episode as Red Hood. The former Robin teaches Tim a thing or two about the job, including how to take a brutal beat down. Jason quickly disarms Tim's bo-staff proving he still has plenty to learn from his predecessor. One round turns to two which transitions into an action-packed sparring sequence that puts Robin against Robin in the ultimate training session.

In addition to perfecting his melee skills, Jason also teaches Tim about the detective side of the job, which he learned to develop on the crime-ridden streets of Gotham. It also shows Tim that there's much more to being a hero than fighting, even though he's itching to get out there and prove himself. This is the main lesson Dick truly wanted Tim to learn when he sent him there as evident through his heartwarming call with Jason at the end of the episode. This neatly connects the three Robins in a way only "Titans" could do, making the edgy series even more enjoyable. 

The Titans final stand against Brother Blood

The series finale of "Titans," fittingly titled "Titans Forever," sends the teen underdogs off in an emotionally powerful way. The episode opens with Brother Blood committing a heinous act of patricide, executing his demonic father Trigon. At the full height of his power, he devises an evil scheme to destroy both Earth and Starfire's home planet Tamaran to fulfill his father's dastardly mission.

When Brother Blood possesses Starfire to power up the wormhole central to his plan, the Titans attack in full force. They work together to bring down the armored guards stationed outside the lab while demonstrating their unique skills and dedication to teamwork. Tim excels as Robin 3.0 while Raven harnesses her new abilities that demonstrate her newfound ownership of her powers through a dazzling orange light. Beast Boy transforms into his original green tiger form for a nostalgic trip down memory lane as he rips enemies apart. 

The final faceoff against Brother Blood is incredibly captivating, with another well-choreographed fight that illustrates how far the young heroes have come. Nightwing and Robin resemble the original Batman and Boy Wonder as they masterfully work off each other's moves to take down Brother Blood. Finally, Starfire's prophecy of self-sacrifice comes to fruition, ultimately destroying Brother Blood for good. Thankfully, instead of losing the bright force in the process, she beams down after in a glorious burst of fire that reminds viewers how she got her radiant name.