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Annabelle: Creation Contest Winner To Direct Horror Feature They Hear It

Don't let anyone tell you not to take a flyer on your dreams, because the winner of an Annabelle: Creation short film contest is now going on to direct his debut feature with Legendary Entertainment and The Picture Company, according to a report by Deadline.

Terry, whose short film The Nurse won Warner Bros. "My Annabelle Creation Contest" in summer 2017, will officially direct the film They Hear It, based on a two-minute-long horror short of the same title.

The premise of They Hear It involves a phenomenon in which children are attracted to a mysterious noise known as The Sound — presumably being drawn to it against their best interests. According to Deadline, the tone of the story is comparable to It and Nightmare on Elm Street, in which young people in small communities need to band together to fend off a destructive threat.

The contest Terry won last year caused some controversy for contract stipulations that allowed Warner Bros. to take hold of the rights to any winning film for no more than $100 — the financial equivalent of a slap in the face. 

But while Terry may have gotten ripped off when it comes to the rights to his Nurse character and concept, he seems to have gotten enough heat from the project to get this next proof-of-concept short film some traction. Now he'll be playing ball with Hollywood with his feature film debut.

Reportedly, the movie will be modestly-budgeted in the same vein as David Sandberg's Lights Out or Andy Muschieitti's Mama, both horror films based on shorts that helped vault the directors further into the industry. Now Muschietti is working on the excellently-cast It sequel, It: Chapter Two, while Sandberg puts together the superhero movie Shazam! for Warner Bros.

You can watch The Nurse, Terry's My Annabelle Creation contest-winner, right here.