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Kit Connor & Joe Locke Explain What Made Heartstopper's Milkshakes Disgusting

Few things tap into the nostalgia of our wistful youth like the budding flowers of first love. This factor is what makes a series like "Heartstopper" so powerful and life-affirming, as these types of stories show that no matter how lost you feel as a teenager or young adult, there's someone out there who can love you for who you are.

Based on the web comic by Alice Oseman, which eventually grew to be a graphic novel as well, Netflix's adaptation charts all of the awkwardness and tenderness of first love while navigating the complexity of friendships and relationships. One scene from "Heartstopper" that taps into these feelings so directly is the triple date that Charlie (Joe Locke) and Nick (Kit Connor) join their friends for.

However, while those milkshakes might have looked good on screen, Locke and Connor assured British GQ that this was not the case. Though the duo enjoyed shooting the scene, as it had many of the cast members working together for the day, they clearly had deep trauma from how bad those milkshakes tasted in reality. "I see that milkshake; I can just instantly feel a little bit sick," said Locke while rewatching the scene with Connor.

Enjoying those milkshakes was all acting after take one

For his part, Kit Connor agreed so quickly that he practically cut Joe Locke off. "I'm gonna say, these milkshakes were the most disgusting things I've ever, ever, ever had," he emphasized. "The first one was okay. They refilled it each time for continuity with water," Connor went on to explain.

While leftover milkshake residue mixed with water definitely doesn't sound very appetizing to sip on for one take after another, the "Heartstopper" actors partially blamed themselves for their own torture. "And I think we all made the novice mistake," Locke continued. "The classic actor's mistake of drinking loads in the first take. Which then means that you have to drink loads in every take."

Whether using spit buckets for eating and drinking scenes or special herbal cigarettes for smoking scenes, there's no shortage of ways that Hollywood tricks viewers into thinking that actors are genuinely doing what they're supposed to be doing in a shot. However, as Locke and Connor noted, this is often a very unpleasant process.

Still, if you watch the scene in question, regardless of which take it is, all six actors seem to be enjoying themselves. If the milkshakes really are as awful as the stars say, then that's a mighty fine testament to their performances, as the scene itself comes across as a shot of pure joy. Either way, with the show already confirmed for a second season, fans can expect more of "Heartstopper" on their Netflix feeds for years to come.