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Every It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Cast Member In Fool's Paradise

Where can you find over a dozen "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" cast members in one place this summer? Aside from the series' upcoming 16th season (which premieres June 7th on FX), your best bet is to buy a ticket to Charlie Day's upcoming directorial debut "Fool's Paradise."

The high-concept Hollywood satire — written, directed by, and starring the "Super Mario Bros. Movie" actor — is reportedly filled to the brim with easter eggs, references, and cameos for longtime "Sunny" fans, including the involvement of artists on and off-screen who've previously lent their talents to the comedy throughout its historically long tenure. Day plays Latte Pronto, a speechless man who finds himself swept away from a mental health facility into the fast-paced, image-driven world of entertainment. Along the way, he meets an ensemble of eccentric characters played by Ken Jeong, Kate Beckinsale, Adrien Brody, Common, Edie Falco, John Malkovich, Dean Norris, Jason Bateman, and even the late Ray Liotta (who almost guest-starred on "Sunny" himself).

Featuring as Pronto's aggressive and vaguely European manager is Day's "Sunny" co-star Glenn Howerton, who is best known for playing the delightfully disturbing bartender Dennis Reynolds in the dark sitcom. Howerton will be performing double duty at the box office this week, as "Fool's Paradise" releases the same day as his other new film — the biographical corporate dramedy "BlackBerry."

The Waitress, Liam McPoyle, and other recurring actors star in Fool's Paradise

In telling the story of Latte Pronto, Day has enlisted the help of several frequent "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" collaborators, including "Westworld's" Jimmi Simpson. Since 2005, Simpson has recurred on "Sunny" as the grotesque Liam McPoyle, the de facto leader of a milk-obsessed family that consistently plagues the gang at Paddy's Pub. Liam famously loses his eye during a nightmarish wedding ceremony and subsequently attempts to sue his hapless would-be brother-in-law Bill Ponderosa.

Bill, also a frequently recurring character, is played by Lance Barber, who appears alongside Simpson in "Fool's Paradise." The two men seemingly play "Conan"-esque talk show personalities, with Simpson performing the role of host while Barber takes on Andy Richter's couch-sidekick duties.

Playing Pronto's former psychiatric doctor is Peter Mackenzie, who also played a doctor on episodes of "Sunny" — most notably, he had to deliver the devastating news to Dennis that Maureen Ponderosa's augmented breasts had been "obliterated" in an accident. Day's real-life wife Mary Elizabeth Ellis, who plays fan-favorite "Sunny" character The Waitress, is also slated to appear, seemingly as Pronto's personal assistant.

Jason Sudeikis reunites with Charlie Day after guest-starring on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

A few less-frequent "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" guest stars are also taking part in "Fool's Paradise," not the least of which is four-time Emmy-winner Jason Sudeikis. The "SNL" alum and "Ted Lasso" star appeared in two "Sunny" episodes as tragic auxiliary gang member Schmitty, and will play one of the bizarre celebrities encountered by Pronto during the film.

Playing Pronto's agent is Andrew Leeds, who appeared in "The Gang Misses the Boat" as Jason, a bartender whose business is destroyed by a rudderless Frank Reynolds (Danny DeVito). Alanna Ubach, who played Roxy, the titular sex worker Frank tries to marry in "Frank's Pretty Woman," plays an adult film star in the new movie.

Steven Lee Allen is credited as "Neighbor" in "Fool's Paradise," having appeared on "Sunny" early in the series' run as Philadelphia Eagles hopeful Parker in "The Gang Gets Invincible." Gary Sievers, who played McPoyle patriarch Kieth in "McPoyle vs. Ponderosa: The Trial of the Century," plays a homeless man.

Numerous other familiar Sunny faces pop up throughout Fool's Paradise

As seen in the trailer "Fool's Paradise," Christine Horn will share the screen with Mackenzie, also playing one of Pronto's psychiatric doctors. Horn played a policewoman in the Season 14 episode "Paddy's Has a Jumper."

Other "Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia" alumni include Julia Cho (Dot Com Girl, "The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 6") as Hipster; Edy Ganem (Model Contestant, "America's Next Top Paddy's Billboard Model Contest") as The Daughter; Jay Linzy (Employee, "Time's Up for the Gang") as Props Guy; Christopher Macken (Theatergoer, "The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 7") as Hospital Bro; Leonora Pitts (Customer, "How Mac Got Fat") as Script Supervisor; and Lisa Schwartz (Usher, "Thunder Gun Express") as P.A.

Countless former and present "Sunny" crew members worked tirelessly to bring "Fool's Paradise" to life, including Tim Roche, who edited the film with Leslie Jones. Roche edited over 50 episodes of "Sunny" between Seasons 4 and 14. Rebecca Edwards, Jeff Luini, and Sean Palsgaard served as producers on both the film and the series. Lastly, casting director Jeanne McCarthy brought together the star-studded ensemble (alongside Nicole Abellera) after serving as a casting director for Season 2 of "Sunny."

See Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, and all of their "Sunny" co-stars in "Fool's Paradise," premiering May 12th, 2023. "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" Season 16 comes to FX on June 7th, 2023.