Orange Is The New Black Season 6 Trailer Takes It To The Max

Season 6 of Netflix's Orange Is the New Black is taking it to the Max — Maximum Security, that is. 

The streamer dropped the first full-length trailer for Orange Is the New Black season 6, which sees the ladies of Litchfield Penitentiary getting carted off to the prison's most secure level of custody following the fallout of the season 5 finale — you know, when the Community Emergency Response Team raided the "bunker" Piper (Taylor Schilling), Taystee (Danielle Brooks), Cindy (Adrienne C. Moore), and company were hiding in and everything hit the fan. 

"This is not home!" Uzo Aduba's Suzanne says early in the trailer, when she arrives in Max. "These girls are psychos!" Yael Stone's Lorna Morello adds, pointing to her bunkmate's troubling bathroom habits as proof of that statement. 

The trailer doesn't offer too many details on what exactly will happen in Orange is the New Black season 6, but it does tease that things aren't going to be pretty. After the prison riots of season 5, the inmates will have to pay — both for actions they did and didn't carry out. As Kate Mulgrew's Red explains in the footage, "They want us to go down, regardless of what we did or didn't do."

Though the women must face their toughest challenges yet — made worse by the Max system separating them into conflicting groups based on the color of their uniforms — their "iron wills" and the fact that they have "f***ing nothing to lose" are sure to help them inch toward the light at the end of the tunnel. Whether those attributes will help them find the missing Alex (Laura Prepon) — seriously, where the heck is she? — remains to be seen. 

Orange Is the New Black is slated to return to Netflix on July 27.