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Grey's Anatomy Fans See The Original Characters In Season 19's Interns

Though "Grey's Anatomy" has undoubtedly grown a bit long in the tooth as it wraps up with Season 19, the hit ABC medical drama has injected some fresh blood in the form of a new class of interns to shake the series up. Naturally, this brings the show back to its roots to a certain extent, even as it has never been further away in terms of chronology.

Luckily, the new additions have mostly resonated with longtime fans of the series, as they provide "Grey's Anatomy" with some of that initial spark that helped to make it so popular in the first place. On the r/greysanatomy subreddit, fans tried to parse out how much of the original interns they could see in the new cast members and, more importantly, who is the ringer for which legacy character.

U/jessanau broached this question exactly in their thread on the subject. "Trying to figure out if they attempted to recreate the OGs and base each of the new interns off them, but I don't know who would be who," they wrote. Of course, given the passion fans have for "Grey's Anatomy," this garnered plenty of differing opinions.

It's easy to draw connections between the two intern groups

In the thread's most upvoted response, u/Original-Gear1583 seemed to be pretty confident that they'd parsed out who was who between the original crew and the new characters who had been added in Season 19 of "Grey's Anatomy." "I think Simone is Mer, Jules is Izzie, Blue is Alex, Mika is Cristina, Lucas is George," they asserted.

However, while there were other opinions on who was analogous to who in the past and present of "Grey's Anatomy," some viewers thought the question demanded a bit more nuance than straight one-to-one comparisons. "Honestly, I think there are different aspects of the original five in these new interns," wrote u/MadilynnSienna.

The user went on to elaborate on how they'd come to this more complex conclusion. "For instance, I see Blue as both Cristina and Alex [depending on the scene]," they said. "Similarly, Lucas reminds me of George and [a few select times] Alex. I honestly can't pin any one of them to just one of the OGs."

When you consider what the "Grey's Anatomy" writers were going for with the return of the interns in Season 19, it could really go either way. Still, whether they're meant to be one-off spiritual successors to the original cast members or a fun amalgamation of their memorable traits mixed and matched is ultimately up to the fans to decide.