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Grey's Anatomy Fans Are All Saying The Same Thing About The New Interns

"Grey's Anatomy" returned for a 19th season on Thursday, introducing new interns in a season premiere for just the second time in the show's history (via TV Insider). A staff exodus at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital at the end of Season 18 left some holes to fill, and with Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) set to appear in fewer than 10 episodes in Season 19, five fresh faces were brought on to invigorate the cast (via Deadline).

Those five new interns are Simone Griffin (Alexis Floyd), Lucas Adams (Nico Terho), Mika Yasuda (Midori Francis), Jules Millin (Adelaide Kane), and Daniel Kwan (Harry Shum, Jr.). Floyd last starred in another Shonda Rhimes property, "Inventing Anna," and Shum will be familiar to "Glee" fans for his portrayal of Mike Chang. "Grey's Anatomy" is just Terho's fifth acting credit, but you might recognize him as the title character from "The Thing About Harry." Francis last appeared as Alicia in "The Sex Lives of College Girls," and Kane starred as Zoey in the original "The Purge." It's a significant overhaul for a long-running show, but most fans were enthusiastic about the spiritual refresh "Grey's Anatomy" brought with the Season 19 premiere.

Fans were mostly welcoming to the new Grey's Anatomy interns

Redditor u/Macintoshk commented, "I'll be honest. I'm really loving this. I missed the student and teaching structure of the show." Fellow commenter u/agreeable-mint lived up to their handle, adding, "Gals I have a good feeling about these interns I actually receive some joy from watching them." U/Maddiebeee wrote, "I think this is the first intern class since MAGIC where I've liked all of them!"

In replies to a tweet promoting the Season 19 premiere from the show's official account, many other fans had similar thoughts to share. @securedjb wrote, "[I'm] living for these interns right now." @masnjny specifically called out three of the newcomers in their excitement, writing, "OMG! Grey's Anatomy will be good this season, Harry Shum Jr., Adelaide Kane, [Midori] Francis in da house!"

Apparently, you can also count Chris Carmack, who plays Dr. Atticus Lincoln, as a fan of the show. In a reply to a tweet promoting the Season 19 premiere from the official show account, Carmack praised the episode. He wrote in part, "Killer ep written by @KristaVernoff and directed by @msdebbieallen. New interns = lots of ambition. So much fun and exciting stuff coming this season!"

Much of that excitement will come from the addition of fresh talent to the "Grey's Anatomy" cast, but if early returns from fans are any indication, the writers are on the right track so far.