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Yellowjackets Theory: Lottie Knowingly Sacrificed [SPOILER]

Contains spoilers for Yellowjackets Season 2, Episode 6 — "Qui"

"Yellowjackets" just gave us its darkest reveal yet with the devastating death of Shauna's (Sophie Nélisse) newborn baby boy. In the latest episode, the team gathers around to help during her desperate time of need. Unfortunately, the brainy Misty (Samantha Hanratty) is still reeling from her part in Crystal's (Nuha Jes Izman) fatal fall, leaving her shaken and unable to assist. Additionally, Lottie (Courtney Eaton) and her devoted followers continue their strange rituals and prayers, causing Shauna to feel isolated and angry. However, after following the strange markings and odd occurrences in the wilderness, it's possible that Lottie actually had a larger and more direct role in Shauna's tragedy. 

Lottie's mysterious connection to the forces in the wilderness is the dark heart of the engrossing series. There's something she's in tune with that the others are not, which helps give the spiritual leader her loyal following. Unfortunately, her sensitivity to this unseen presence also leaves her more vulnerable to it as seen through her haunting visions and strange cult-like practices. She also has an unnerving interest in Shauna's baby evident through the strange shower gift and creepy whispers while Shauna sleeps.

By including the ominous symbol on the blanket, Lottie links the baby to the power that lingers in the forest. While Lottie says it's a symbol of protection, it could actually be the sign of the mystical spirit that occupies the forest. Based on her estranged future relationships, Lottie's intentions may have been good. However, she committed a grave act by purposefully sacrificing Shauna's unborn baby in exchange for the Yellowjackets' own survival. 

Lottie made a dark and bloody deal to survive

Season 2's heightened intensity showcases the importance of blood and the ritualistic and sacrificial nature it has in the wilderness. Lottie repeatedly cuts her hand to offer her own blood in both the past and the present, which may have even led to their succulent feast on Jackie (Ella Purnell). While Lottie didn't sacrifice any blood beforehand, Natalie (Sophie Thatcher) did cut herself to fake Javi's (Luciano Leroux) death, and that could've been interpreted as an offering. The spirit then prepares Jackie's corpse with a heavy pile of snow that slows the flame and cooks her to perfection, saving the Yellowjackets from starving.

When Lottie later presents Shauna with the baby blanket, Shauna gets a nosebleed, which drips on the symbol. This leads to the harrowing swarm of dead birds that inexplicably shows up after. Again, this acts as a food source to keep the team nourished and alive. In the present, this is even mirrored by Lottie's horrifying vision of dead bees and bloody honeycombs. The grisly imagery of blood resurfaces to solidify its terrifying connection to the dark presence, which rears its ugly head again when Shauna gives birth.

When Shauna has the baby, she passes out and has a distressing dream about the team cannibalizing her newborn baby. This parallels her disturbing nightmare in Season 1, Episode 6, where she fantasizes about giving birth to a cooked chicken that's eaten by her and her team. When Shauna wakes in Season 2, her baby is stillborn and she's lost a lot of blood. As she wails over her loss, Lottie is suspiciously positioned in the background looming over Shauna.

Adult Shauna seems to still be angry with Lottie

In the present, the Yellowjackets finally reunite with Lottie and stand in formation to accent an outline of the symbol. These odd connections suggest that Lottie (Simone Kessell) may not be on the best terms with Shauna (Melanie Lynskey), which could be because she still blames her for what happened to her son. She bulls through Lottie's community entrance gate in her hard-fought mini-van and immediately crosses her arms when she sees her. 

In the past, Shauna's marked blanket is soaked in blood which may even herald another unexpected food reward in the near future. The death of her firstborn son might also be significant based on unsettling religious reasons for sacrifice in order to receive redemption. It's also an act of remembering God's power, which could even be true of the dark spirit in "Yellowjackets." In addition, when Lottie is entranced in Season 1 Episode 5, she mutters "It wants more blood" in French, and she's presumably referring to the hungry force.

Based on these details, it's possible that Shauna's son's death wasn't an unfortunate incident and that it actually has a deeper, more sinister meaning. It could be the ultimate offering for the evil entity that saved the Yellowjackets from starving and led them into sin. Shauna's baby boy may even be a sacrificial lamb that Lottie arranged to save and redeem the Yellowjackets. One thing is for sure, it's eerily clinging to Lottie as she embraces her larger role in Season 2 in both the past and the present.