All Spider-Man 2: Far from Home rumors and spoilers leaked so far

Marvel Studios generally tends to be secretive about its upcoming projects, but news and rumors about the sequel to 2017's Spider-Man: Homecoming are beginning to spill — including the name. In June 2018, Spider-Man: Homecoming star Tom Holland — who's building a reputation as a spoiler machine — revealed that the title of the sequel will be Spider-Man: Far from Home.

It's an interesting title and, from what we know, a fitting one. Considering the use of "home," it suggests drastic change in Peter Parker since Homecoming, which would be unsurprising considering his experiences during Avengers: Infinity War. It speaks to the global setting Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige says  Far from Home will feature. Finally, to those still at least a little heartbroken over Peter's fate in Infinity War, it probably also reminds them of where their hero was when Thanos' purge found him.

We know a few more things, and we'll be keeping our Spidey sense finely honed so we can let you know as soon as the rumor mill starts churning. Here's every Spider-Man: Far from Home rumor and spoiler leaked so far.

Jake? Maybe, maybe not

In May 2018, reports surfaced that Jake Gyllenhaal was in talks to play Spidey villain Mysterio in the second Sony/Marvel Studios Spider-Man film. In late June, Kevin Feige clarified that Gyllenhaal's involvement wasn't confirmed. Considering that filming on Spider-Man: Far from Home started in July, it likely won't be long before we know whether Gyllenhaal's a lock.

If Gyllenhaal does play Mysterio — or any other Spidey villain — it would be ironic considering the star almost played Spider-Man himself in an earlier sequel. Gyllenhaal was offered the possibility of replacing Tobey Maguire in 2004's Spider-Man 2, but Maguire and director Sam Raimi came to an agreement before Gyllenhaal could swoop in.

Mysterio, a classic Silver Age Spider-Man villain who first appeared in 1964's Amazing Spider-Man #13, is a special effects professional who uses his skills to create illusions. Considering what CGI is capable of these days, the character's abilities have amazing visual potential on the big screen.

Damon could've been a contender

One widespread — but unconfirmed — rumor holds that Matt Damon was approached to play a villain in Spider-Man: Far from Home, but passed on the offer. The report came from The Tracking Board's Jeff Sneider.

Some speculate that, should the rumors prove true, the less-than-ideal experiences of Damon's long time friend and colleague Ben Affleck with the superhero movie genre were a big influence on Damon's thumbs down. Others suggest that since Damon is used to playing heroes, he's holding out for a good guy role (but come on man, even Arnold played Mr. Freeze — though that's probably not a very motivating example).

Regardless of why he allegedly refused, it could be funny in a slightly metafictional way. MCU fans should remember that Damon appeared briefly in Thor: Ragnarok as an actor portraying Loki in a stage play about Loki's "heroic death" in Thor: The Dark World. It was never revealed whether Damon was supposed to be playing an Asgardian actor or if he was supposed to be playing himself. It wouldn't be beyond Loki's power to recruit a famous Earth actor to play a stage version of Loki, and it certainly wouldn't be beyond his ego to desire such a thing. If that were the case? Well, then that means Loki could book Matt Damon, but Marvel Studios couldn't.

Spidey going global

According to Kevin Feige's interview with io9, one of the reasons for the title Spider-Man: Far from Home is that — unlike every other live-action Spider-Man film — the sequel won't take place chiefly in New York City. Instead, Feige said Spidey will "spend some time in New York, but he'll spend time in other parts of the globe." He didn't reveal which parts, but one likely candidate seems to be London, since Feige mentioned the more global scope of the film is one of the reasons London was chosen for filming.

With Spider-Man: Far from Home set to be released in theaters only two months after the release of Avengers 4, one potential reason for Spidey's globetrotting could relate to the aftermath of the Avengers' final battle with Thanos. Feige offered io9 a hint, adding that "the way Civil War…informed Homecoming, the two Avengers films that precede [the sequel] will greatly inform…the next movie."

Regardless, with this news we know Spider-Man: Far from Home will further showcase Marvel's commitment to feature more diverse settings in their films. Since 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron, many of their releases have taken place partly or even primarily in non-U.S. settings, including Captain America: Civil War, Doctor Strange, and Black Panther.

The Field Trip rumor

In late May of 2018, a rumor with some specific details surfaced on Reddit, posted by a user named "AHarbingerOfStuff." Citing only a "reliable source," it offered a breakdown of the Homecoming sequel that included Peter Parker traveling to London for some kind of conference, Mysterio as the main villain, Scorpion and Vulture in minor roles, and the introduction of Alistair Smythe, a.k.a. the Ultimate Spider Slayer in the Marvel comics. Among other details, the user claimed there would be an MI6 agent in the film named Jessica Drew — a name comics fans will recognize as the secret identity of the original Spider-Woman.

Enough of the post's details seem to line up with what actually has been confirmed about Spider-Man: Far from Home to at least not dismiss it out of hand — although it gets at least one thing wrong, predicting that the title would be Spider-Man: Field Trip. Still, it's possible Spider-Man: Field Trip was the film's working title before Far from Home was chosen.

There are certain noteworthy details missing from the post, however. While the user mentions London, he doesn't talk about any other countries Spider-Man travels to. While he mentions Gwyneth Paltrow supposedly returning as Pepper Potts, there's nothing about the reports that another MCU hero — who won't be Iron Man — will appear.

Old friends

According to Variety, Michael Keaton's Vulture isn't done with Peter Parker just yet. Keaton's reportedly set to reprise his role as the villain, who'll be working alongside Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far from Home. When we last left him in the mid-credits scene of Spider-Man: Homecoming, he was in prison, but apparently that might not be the case much longer. The report doesn't say how prominently Vulture will be featured, but it's already fueled speculation that the films are building toward an introduction of the Sinister Six.

Vulture isn't the only Homecoming alumnus reported to return. We're also expecting to see Marisa Tomei as Aunt May, Zendaya as MJ, and Jacob Batalon as Peter Parker's best bud Ned Leeds.

Any fans of Homecoming worrying that a new creative team will move in and mess up the flavor can put those fears to rest. Jon Watts is returning as director of Spider-Man: Far from Home, along with screenwriters Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley.

Another MCU character

In June 2017, The Hollywood Reporter said that another already established hero would be joining Spider-Man in Far from Home — and it wouldn't be his MCU mentor Iron Man.

If true, then the next question is who it'll be. Normally, Captain America could be a good guess, but considering Chris Evans has made it pretty clear he's saying goodbye to the role after Avengers 4, that seems unlikely. Nerdist's Eric Diaz has speculated that a perfect choice would be Bruce Banner, a.k.a. the Hulk. Considering the love and genius Parker and Banner share for science, Banner might very well be a good replacement as father figure/mentor — though it seems likely the Hulk's reaction might be a little different.

On the other hand, if the director has his way, it appears that we'll likely see someone quite a bit different from any of those choices.

No Strange for Spidey

While we still don't know what other already established MCU character will be appearing in Spider-Man: Far from Home, one hero who has fallen out of the running is Doctor Strange.

Speaking to /Film, Kevin Feige confirmed the Sorcerer Supreme will not be appearing in Far from Home. When interviewer Peter Sciretta expressed surprise to get such a direct answer from the Marvel Studios president, Feige said, "I could be coy about it, but no."

While Feige confirmed Tom Holland and Benedict Cumberbatch won't be teaming up this time around, he hinted that a future team-up may have already been discussed. "I don't want to get people excited," Feige said. "But Benedict and Holland have liked the idea of working together."

Any future team-up, besides another Avengers film, would be something of a departure for either franchise — whether it was realized as Doctor Strange starring in a Spider-Man film, or Spider-Man starring in a Doctor Strange sequel. Considering both possibilities, Strange in a Spider-Man movie seems the more compelling choice. If Spider-Man were to find himself against a foe with more mystic ties, it would make sense for him to turn to Strange for help. Whereas unless Strange is fighting demons who habitually rob banks or steal cars, why would he call Spider-Man? For laughs?

Black Widow

Speaking to ScreenRant in June 2017, director Jon Watts said he wanted to see other Avengers in the  Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel. The first hero to spring to mind was Black Widow.

"I like to think of what he could learn from Black Widow," Watts said, "but then I think he would be too nervous to even get a single word out."

Having Black Widow appear in a Spider-Man film has some interesting potential. She certainly boasts some dark, bloody experience that would stand in stark (no pun intended) contrast to the mentoring Spidey's received before. And as Watts said, Parker would definitely be intimidated by the former assassin in more ways than one, which would doubtless lead to a lot of big laughs.

Considering the recent news about movement on a Black Widow standalone film, it's tough to tell whether that would have any impact on Scarlett Johansson appearing with Tom Holland in the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel. It could be that Far from Home will be used to set up whatever we'll see in Black Widow. On the other hand, maybe Johansson is tired of playing second fiddle in other Marvel heroes' movies.

Dates to remember

While promoting Ant-Man & The Wasp, Kevin Feige told Collider that filming on Spider-Man: Far from Home would begin in July 2018, roughly a year before its scheduled release. With cameras rolling, we should expect more rumors, spoilers, confirmations, and debunkings over the coming months.

Far from Home's July 5, 2019 arrival — only two months after Avengers 4 — puts it in an interesting spot. Its relation to Avengers 4 suggests it'll be much more defined by its position in the MCU than its predecessor. Homecoming wasn't particularly impactful, as far as the overall Marvel narrative of the time was concerned. There were no Infinity Stones and nothing in it directly affected the events leading into Avengers: Infinity War. But Far From Home's relation to Infinity War suggests the Spidey sequel will be much more relevant to the narrative to come. Not only does it kick off Phase 4, but producer Amy Pascal said in June 2017 that Far from Home opens "a few minutes" after the resolution of Avengers 4 — another sign that whatever Peter Parker is doing in his travels around the globe, the aftermath of Avengers 4 likely has something to do with it.

Smoove Operator

In July 2018, Deadline reported that actor and comedian J.B. Smoove had joined Spider-Man: Far from Home's cast in an unspecified leading role. At this point it's too soon to predict who Smoove has been tapped to play. With so little confirmed about the film, there are too many possibilities to nail anything down. He could be playing a teacher, a family friend, or perhaps a love interest for Aunt May. We already have reports of multiple supervillains in the story, but with some speculating Far from Home might introduce the Sinister Six, Smoove could very well be yet another bad guy. 

Considering one of the roles Smoove is best known for is that of Leon on Curb Your Enthusiasm and his film and TV credits include mostly comedies like Hall PassDate Night, and Mr. Deeds, it seems likely that whoever he's playing, they'll be there to bring the belly laughs.

A new suit?

While talking to IndiaWest about her past work and future dream projects, Spider-Man: Homecoming costume designer Louise Frogley may have unintentionally dropped a spoiler that Peter Parker will be taking a new costume into battle during Spider-Man: Far from Home.

When asked in June if she would be working on the sequel, Frogley said she wouldn't, but added, "The costumes will have very big changes because, in the film, Spider-Man becomes more like a man and not a teenager."

On one hand, Frogley's words can be taken with a grain of salt since she won't even be working on Far from Home. On the other, considering Homecoming was neither the first nor the last MCU film Frogley worked on — she was also a costume designer for Iron Man 3 and Ant-Man & The Wasp – you'd think she'd know what she was talking about. 

Her comment about the costumes changing because Parker is "more like a man and not a teenager" is interesting. Even though he's worn many different costumes in the comics, films, and every other form of media, there aren't a lot of Spidey costumes that aren't loud, garish red-and-blue outfits. It's enough to make you wonder if we should expect one of the darker suits, perhaps even that old black-and-white symbiote costume that sold so many issues of Secret Wars #8.

Taking control of the story

In an interview with Birth.Movies.Death. that took place hours after Tom Holland leaked the title Spider-Man: Far from Home on his Instagram account — while jokingly apologizing that there was no big news about the sequel to report — Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige confirmed that the leak was intentional and strategic. 

Feige told interviewer Russ Fischer that the title was about to go "out into the world in various forms," and those forms offered the potential for the title to be leaked. Rather than let someone else do the deed, "Mr. Holland took it upon himself to leak it for us."

Considering Holland has become known among various MCU actors as the biggest spoiler machine in the Marvel Universe, choosing him for the job was fitting — and probably the most believable if you want to fool fans into thinking it wasn't on purpose. 

Will Fury be keeping his eye on Spidey?

Apparently, Tom Holland isn't the only MCU veteran who likes to drop spoilers about Spider-Man: Far from Home on his social media feeds. A July 2018 Instagram post from Samuel L. Jackson seems to strongly suggest he'll reprise his role as Marvel spymaster Nick Fury in Far from Home.

The post includes pictures of Fury's eye patch, his facial hair, Jackson made up with Fury's scarred eye, and a business card from S.H.I.E.L.D. bearing a title that wouldn't surprise anyone who's seen Pulp Fiction. Jackson's location for the post is listed as Watford, United Kingdom, and the accompanying text reads, "Back to the familiar, comfortable, the lovably fierce!"

Everything in Jackson's post suggests he's on set for a Marvel movie, but we know production on Captain Marvel just wrapped. We also know that Spider-Man: Far from Home started shooting in July, we know it will be filmed in London, and Watford is only an hour away.

If Nick Fury does appear in Far from Home, it's possible he's the other MCU hero THR reported would be appearing in the film — or it could be another one of Fury's well-loved cameos. Time will tell. 

Numan Acar = The Chameleon?

In July 2018, Deadline reported that Numan Acar (Homeland, Prison Break) was cast in Spider-Man: Far from Home. The only specific information revealed about the Turkish actor's role was that the character's name is Dmitri — which fueled speculation that Acar might be playing the very first super villain to face Spider-Man in the comics: the Chameleon, first appearing in Amazing Spider-Man #1. The villain's full name in the comics is Dmitri Smerdyakov, and he has the ability to appear as just about anyone he wants.

If Acar is playing the Chameleon and the reports that Jake Gyllenhaal playing Mysterio are accurate, they would make an interesting alliance. A villain who can make any image appear paired with a man who can make himself appear as anyone he wants would have the potential of being a mind-boggling threat to any hero.

Those reports could also add weight to speculation that Spider-Man: Far from Home will give us the beginnings of the Sinister Six. In the comics, Chameleon has close ties to the original Kraven the Hunter. With rumors swirling about Mysterio, Vulture, and now Chameleon, the number six isn't as far away as it used to be.