Groot's Origin Has Finally Been Revealed By Marvel Comics

As viewers discover the origin of Rocket Raccoon via "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3," Marvel Comics is revealing the story of how Groot came to be.

While Groot has been popping up in comics for more than 60 years — originally debuting as a villain in "Tales to Astonish" #13 — he would be turned into the MCU-adjacent hero readers are more familiar with via the 2007-2008 series "Annihilation Conquest" by Andy Lanning, Dan Abnett, and Tom Raney. That comic series was a precursor for the version of Groot in Marvel's live-action universe, where he would become close friends with Rocket Racoon while joining Peter Quill in the Guardians of the Galaxy. Groot would transform into a fan-favorite team member, with James Gunn's take on the hero becoming the most iconic portrayal of the former monster. Groot would go on to play a key part in all three "Guardians of the Galaxy" films, while also starring in his own Disney+ series "I Am Groot."

Now, Abnett is returning to the cosmic side of the galaxy in an all-new Groot story, one that dives deeper into the character's origin. In the first issue, readers learn about the hero's connection to the original Captain Marvel, the tree-like creature's tragic past on Planet X, and meet more of his kind.

Groot wasn't alone when first discovered by Mar-Vell

In "Groot" #1 by Dan Abnett, Damian Couceiro, Matt Milla, and VC's Travis Lanham from Marvel Comics, Groot's origin takes the spotlight. It is revealed that long ago in the Marvel Universe, he lived on Planet X, a world filled with tree creatures of all shapes and sizes. However, when a group of aliens lights the planet ablaze, it is nearly destroyed. 

The story flashes to the future, where the cosmic hero Mar-Vell, working alongside the Kree Empire before becoming Captain Marvel, is seen performing a rescue mission on another planet that has been lit on fire. After landing on the surface, Mar-Vell finds a group of Chaunsaur weapons terrorizing below. The Kree defeat the mechanical monsters, with Mar-Vell exploring the planet in search of signs of life, leading him to several freighter units left by the attackers. He finds a canister featuring three tree creatures inside: Groot, Tweeg, and Gleef.

While Groot and his small friends initially attack Mar-Vell, they soon realize he's a friend, and the Kree hero brings them back to his ship. He promises to return the pint-sized Groot and the two others to Planet X while studying them along the way. 

Mar-Vell deduces their language might just be single words, but the sounds mean different things. Eventually, Mar-Vell and the Kree return to Groot's homeworld, which has also been torn asunder by attackers. However, Planet X isn't totally destroyed, leading Mar-Vell and the Kree soldiers to touch down and search for signs of life. While Groot, Gleef, and Tweeg are excited to return home, even in its desolate state, the new arrivals are about to discover they're not the only ones alive on the world.

Groot's return home will introduce a familiar new character

While Groot and his friends might have a happy homecoming on the remains of Planet X, Mar-Vell is about to encounter a threat that will likely throw the visit into chaos. In a preview for "Groot" #2, Mar-Vell and Groot will meet Yondu's Ancestor, Yondar the Hunter, who has seemingly made Planet X her home — or could be on a mission to return Groot and his kind to those who kidnapped them in the first place. Regardless of her true intent, Yondar's arrival will further connect the Guardians of the Galaxy characters, with Groot's origin being tied to Yondu's ancestor and Mar-Vell.

While Groot's new origin is quite heartbreaking (one of only three survivors from a decimated home planet), it's fun to see more young Flora Colossi with Tweeg and Gleef be introduced. Groot clearly cared about his friends and their safety. But, considering Tweeg and Gleef have never been mentioned before in the current Marvel Universe before the new miniseries, they might not survive until the end of the new miniseries. Their deaths could be what transforms Groot to become more hardened and stoic than the excitable baby version introduced in "Groot" #1.

Readers can see Groot's new origin begin to unfold in "Groot" #1 by Dan Abnett, Damian Couceiro, Matt Milla, and VC's Travis Lanham from Marvel Comics, which is in comic book stores and available at online retailers now.