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Meet Yondu's Ancestor, Yondar, Who Has A Special Groot Connection - Exclusive

Marvel Comics is expanding the lore of one of its most notable "Guardians of the Galaxy" characters, as an ancestor of Yondu will be introduced in a new issue connecting her to Groot's earliest adventures in the Marvel Universe.

In the upcoming "Groot" four-issue miniseries by Dan Abnett (who introduced the team the MCU's Guardians are based on) and Damian Couceiro ("Ghost Rider 2099"), readers will be taken back in time to recount some of the titular Flora colossus' beginnings. The first issue of the series follows a young Groot as his tranquil and peaceful home world is uprooted and attacked by a group of alien invaders. As a result, he will face off against Mar-Vell, with the usual Marvel hero being just a Kree soldier in the story. The comic will fill in new details about Groot's origin while spotlighting one of his first treks away from home across the galaxy. In an exclusive preview for "Groot" #2 from Marvel Comics, Groot will encounter another character with a link to his future, as he will become one of the main focuses of Yondar the hunter, the ancestor of Yondu.

Yondu has a deep connection with the Guardians of the Galaxy

While viewers of "Guardians of the Galaxy" Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 know Yondu thanks to his live-action appearances as the adopted father of Peter Quill in the MCU, where actor Michael Rooker portrayed the Ravager, the character's comic book history is tied even more deeply to the interstellar misfit heroes. Born on Centuari-IV, Yondu Udonta was an expert hunter with a deadly arrow controlled by his whistling. In his comic book debut in "Marvel Super-Heroes" #18, Yondu was a member of the first Guardians of the Galaxy team ever, appearing alongside the likes of Vance Astro, Captain Charlie-27, and Martinex — with some of those original group members popping up in "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2."

With Marvel Comics exploring Groot's history in a new, upcoming miniseries, more details about Yondu's family tree are about to be revealed. In "Groot" #2 by Dan Abnett and Damian Couceiro, following the destruction of Groot's home planet, his search for answers alongside Mar-Vell will lead them in direct conflict with Yondar the hunter, an ancestor of Yondu's wielding her own bow and arrow. Check out the design pages of the new Marvel character, as she looks like a more primal version of Yondu. The similarities are apparent, as, like her descendent, she has a red fin-like mohawk on her head that goes down her back.

Groot's origin is being connected to Yondu's own history

After Groot turns into a villain in the upcoming "Grootfall" run of "Guardians of the Galaxy" for Marvel Comics, the things that molded him into the character MCU and comics fans know will also be revealed in the new miniseries. In addition, the cover art from Lee Garbett gives readers a closer look at Yondar the hunter, who can be seen ready to fire her bow at the young hero, as he also dodges deadly machinery filled with chainsaws and other devices trying to turn him into kindling.

"Groot's home planet is no more! But who or what were the mysterious invaders that decimated it? And what life is still lurking in the once lush forest? Groot and Mar-Vell will need to stay on their toes, as they're being stalked by Yondar the hunter!" the synopsis reads.

It's exciting to see Groot's comic book origin, which has always been ripe for further exploration, get tackled in the miniseries. With the popular hero coming across a few characters related to the present-day version of the Guardians of the Galaxy, such as Mar-Vell and Yondar, Marvel is adding a rich new layer to what shaped him and his relationships. Groot's tragic origin gets an important new wrinkle, as Yondu's ancestor will seemingly play a key role in what transformed him into a hero in his Marvel future.

Readers will meet Yondar the hunter in "Groot" #2 by Dan Abnett and Damian Couceiro from Marvel Comics, which arrives in comic book stores on June 7, 2023.