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Gran Turismo: Neill Blomkamp Hints At All The Easter Eggs Fans Can Spot

Neill Blomkamp enters the world of video game movies with "Gran Turismo," telling the incredible true story of Jann Mardenborough, who used his unbelievable video game skills to become a professional racecar driver. While the trailer showcases the movie's realism, Blomkamp has ensured fans there will be plenty of video game Easter eggs to spot. 

"For one, the film tries to take you along the journey of someone who first experienced these legendary tracks virtually, and then took what they learned within a simulation and applied it to a real-life scenario," Blomkamp told PlayStation Blog about how he brought the game to life. "And so, I tried to visually connect those two points together using a lot of the imagery from the 'GT' games, like the lines you'd take driving the track and the markers and checkpoints, as well as the awards for leveling up and things like that."   

Don't fret, though, as the director ensured "Gran Turismo" includes "a whole bunch of smaller easter eggs." According to Blomkamp, fans of the games should keep their eyes out for the actors recreating some of the in-game victory poses and plenty of incredible cars that will excite all of the gearheads. 

Neill Blomkamp put his love for racecars into Gran Turismo

On the surface, "Gran Turismo" isn't the kind of project many would associate with Neill Blomkamp. The "District 9" director is very aware of this, telling PlayStation Blog that telling a wholesome story was part of what drove him to the project, that and his passion for racecars. 

"I have a personal obsession with Nissan and the whole Nismo lineage – so I was immediately intrigued as a car lover," he said, revealing that he owns three Nissan R35 GTRs himself. So, when it came time to drop in the "Gran Turismo" Easter eggs throughout the movie, Blomkamp's gearhead persona took over. He managed to squeeze in a Generation 1 NSX, a car that he has a lot of love for. For the more "glitzy" side of supercars, he included the unreleased Koenigsegg Gemera, which Blomkamp described as "a Bugatti Rolls Royce." 

From the brief interview alone, it looks like Blomkamp is the perfect director to lead "Gran Turismo" on the big screen, despite his previous work. His love for cars is deeply on display, making for what could be a refreshing new entry into the video game adaptation industry.