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Mandy Trailer Pits Nicolas Cage Against Crazy Evil

What in the bright pink hell is going on in this Mandy trailer, huh? Seriously — you tell us.

Nicolas Cage is doing his controlled chaos thing in the first look at the anticipated horror movie Mandy, and the results are even more magnetic than usual. See the whole hallucinatory thing for yourself up above.

Between the surreal, Suspiria-esque color scheme and the moments that are literally just animation, there's a whole lot of style and straight cinematic stunting on display here — so much so that it's kind of hard to figure out what this movie even is. Going off of just the trailer, it's either going to be insane nonsense or a real life-changer, and we're thoroughly on board with it either way.

Set in the Pacific Northwest in 1983, the movie follows Red Miller (Cage) and Mandy Bloom (played by Andrea Riseborough) as they reckon with a savage attack on their home from a monstrous cult. After that... question marks, but word is that Cage does a real good job.

Mandy is directed by Panos Cosmatos, whose previous movie Beyond the Black Rainbow is a similarly "what"-inducing work of surreal cosmic horror, with a loopy plot we couldn't recount for you even if we tried. For better or for worse, this looks like more of the same, with a Bengal tiger attached. 

As divisive as this movie looks, its 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes from 28 reviews would seem to suggest the trippy horror movie does what it sets out to do seriously well. We'll see how that goes over with general audiences when Mandy rolls out to theaters on September 14.