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Impractical Jokers: The Brooke Shields Appearance You Might Have Missed

Guest stars aiding in the public embarrassment of the titular comedians in "Impractical Jokers" have become a beloved staple of the truTV reality series. And there have been so many celebrities featured from Guy Fieri to Method Man that it wouldn't be surprising if there were some names in the mix that slipped your radar. But one of the more recent additions to the guest list certainly needs to be seen to be believed. 

"Suddenly Susan" and "Mr. Pickles" star Brooke Shields made her way onto the final episode of Season 9. After Shields and the guys all fail a challenge where they try to sell parents on their questionable children's fashion line, they move into a challenge-punishment mix that will break the tie. The segment sees Shields host a dating show where the three Jokers are presented as largely unlikable bachelors. The one reluctantly chosen by the bachelorette — who ends up being the ever-unlucky Sal Vulcano — must then engage in the punishment, where he must publicly reject her. When the time comes, Sal's squeamish nature kicks in, which isn't aided by the judgmental stares of the crowd and Shields' barrage of expletives, ending with her kicking him out. 

Brooke Shields' commitment to the show's outlandish spirit not only helped the episode stand on its own, but additionally has fans considering it one of the best in a mixed era of "Impractical Jokers." 

Fans consider Brooke Shields' one of Season 9's best guests

Brooke Shields' insults may have hurt Sal's feelings a good bit, but they lifted the spirits of "Impractical Jokers" fans. Following longtime Joker Joe Gatto's departure part way through Season 9, some fans were not impressed by the show's approach to its comedy. Brooke Shields' episode was a breath of fresh air for many, being rated an 8.4/10 on IMDb, the highest for a post-Gatto Season 9 episode. 

On Reddit, u/xOldGoatx calls her appearance, "Best episode of the season without a doubt." Plenty agreed with the sentiment, in large part thanks to the idea behind the episode. Redditor u/TheLakeAndTheGlass, while missing the spontaneous encounters from earlier seasons, admits that this particular setup had its benefits, commenting, "The concept of a reverse dating game where you don't want to be picked is a great one for the guys to showcase their improv chops." Similarly, u/InfernalCap loved how much Shields elevated the premise, saying, "Wow. Brooke was amazing. It's like the show's post-Joe formula was planned around this concept with her, and all the other episodes were afterthoughts that didn't fit the mold ... " 

This user wasn't alone in loving Shields' involvement. Redditor u/Ho_Chi_Minh_Official considers Shields their favorite celebrity guest, even saying, "I don't think anyone should replace Joe ... but if anyone were to do it I'd want her." That's a mighty big statement, but if this episode is any indicator, Shields may be a Joker in the making.