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Jury Duty: Who Is Ronald Gladden (& Where Is He Now)?

Ronald Gladden is doing OK.

If there's one show that's taken the world by storm, it's Amazon Freevee's "Jury Duty." The docu-comedy focuses on the happenings of a fake jury trial, where everything from the jurors to the particulars of the case is false. As much as the series is concerned with highlighting America's judicial system, it's also obsessed with pranking Ronald Gladden, the only one on the show who doesn't know anything is fake.

The star of the series, Ronald Gladden has been thrust into the limelight thanks to his slick charm and kind heart, which has made him a heartthrob on the internet. He's amassed over 115,000 followers on Instagram and has since become verified on the platform. Is Ronald Gladden a real person or is he just a character? Well, he's a real guy whose life changed overnight thanks to a Craigslist ad. While appearing on Access Hollywood, Gladden revealed that the advertisement asked for someone to appear in a documentary that gave a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like to do jury duty.

At the end of the series, Gladden received $100,000 for his time and valiant efforts. Adjusting to reality was interesting for the "Jury Duty" headliner, who told Today that he took time off to process his experience. "I did not work for a month after this ... It was an adjustment period, but it wasn't ever difficult," he said. The real difficulty lay in keeping the series a secret from his loved ones.

Ronald Gladden is living his best life in the wake of his popularity

Now that "Jury Duty" has aired on Freevee, Ronald Gladden is an online superstar. From social media clout to interviews with various publications, the "Jury Duty" star is everywhere. During his chat with GQ, Gladden expressed how he had no idea a cult following would manifest surrounding him. "... I really didn't think a lot of people were gonna see this," he said. "That's one of the reasons I was okay with doing this."

Speaking with Vulture, "Jury Duty" executive producer Todd Schulman opened up about how Gladden was perfect for the series because he wasn't interested in seeking fame or money. "Ronald was the exact kind of person we were looking for when putting out that ad, which is someone who is not doing this because it's a money opportunity but looking for something and adventure," Schulman said about the 30-year-old. According to Gladden's LinkedIn profile, he's currently an installation specialist for Home Depot. Peruse through Gladden's Instagram posts pre-2022 and you'll see multiple posts about solar panels — his specialty.

While Gladden is a construction expert, he's not ruling out a career in the entertainment industry. "I'm not opposed to pursuing opportunities that come from this. I just never would've imagined that it would've gotten the attention it did," he told GQ. Maybe he can get some help breaking into the industry from his best new bud James Marsden, who appears in "Jury Duty" as a fictional version of himself. Since the series wrapped up, the two have become friendship goals, with Gladden sharing some fun moments of the two on Instagram