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Jury Duty: What Does JORF Mean? T-Shirt Prank Explained

The Amazon Freevee reality series "Jury Duty" has taken the internet by storm after clips from the prank show went viral on TikTok — clips which have since amassed over 400 million views on the "Jury Duty" hashtag. The show itself centers around Ronald Gladden, a solar contractor who is summoned to a fake trial alongside 11 other jurors, all of whom are actually actors (including "X-Men" star James Marsden, who plays an arrogant fictionalized version of himself).

Much of the show's comedy comes from Ronald's reactions to scripted events that occur when he's hanging around the rest of the "jury." This includes one particularly painful scene in which a socially awkward juror named Todd (David Brown) wears a shirt that says "jorf" while visiting a restaurant with the rest of the jury. Several other customers become enraged at the sight of this shirt, claiming that "jorf" is a secret code for white supremacists to identify one another in public — though the literal meaning behind this supposedly hateful slogan is left unexplained.

As it happens, the term "jorf" is completely meaningless and was invented purely for the show, despite the customers' assurances that it is actually a secret code for white supremacy. Although the group is accosted at the restaurant for the shirt's alleged meaning, fans ought to know that this phrase is nothing more than a joke for the sake of "Jury Duty" — one which is so popular that fans have already started buying and selling their own "jorf" shirts online.

Jorf shirts are already circulating the internet

Despite the fact that "jorf" is a fictional word created purely for the sake of entertainment, many fans have already started to capitalize on the popularity of this particular gag by creating and selling their own "jorf" clothing online.

As of right now, fans of "Jury Duty" are buying and selling "jorf" shirts on sites like Etsy, Redbubble, and even eBay. Though none of these listings are officially licensed products from Amazon Freevee, they do seem remarkably popular so far, with one Etsy listing in particular earning a 4.8/5 star rating based on over 700 reviews. While the majority of these listings replicate the plain white t-shirt of the original clip, sellers like Vanityfeel also offer a wide array of "jorf" shirts in different colors.

Excluding the fact that none of these products are official merchandise from the show, it also seems a bit odd to purchase a shirt which is jokingly said to be a "white supremacist code." Even though the shirt ultimately means nothing (and is an extremely funny bit from one of the hottest shows out there) one still has to wonder what the conversation will be like when someone is asked what their "jorf" shirt stands for.