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Here's Where You Can Stream Jury Duty

The court is in session.

Every passing week sees the release of a brand new television series on streaming, each trying to capture new eyeballs. While some are duds and dead on arrival, there are a few rare gems that capture the minds and imaginations of viewers all over, quickly becoming social media phenomena. The latest hit taking over the airwaves? "Jury Duty," a docu-comedy series that highlights a fake jury trial. Everything, from the specifics of the case to the backstories of the jurors, is made up. Even the jurors and lawyers are actors, all coming together to fool one man: Ronald Gladden, who has no idea that his jury duty gig is fake.

Since the show's release, Gladden has become an icon of sorts, praised for being sweet and caring, facing dozen of chaotic situations with bravery and charm. "Knowing people like Ronald Gladden exist makes me feel better about the world," says Twitter user @hmbwalt. While everything surrounding Gladden was a ruse, his actions were genuine. Finding Gladden was a difficult task, as explained by "Jury Duty" executive producer Todd Schulman. "We wanted to get people who were genuine human beings living in the real world, not people in the Hollywood ecosystem," Schulman told Vulture. Gladden got the gig off of Craigslist and became a front-runner because of his attitude and inherent charm. "We were incredibly charmed by him and found him to be such a winning character."

Head to social media and you'll find dozens of positive words about Ronald Gladden. As "Jury Duty" continues to become more popular, audiences might want to jump in on the docu-series to be a part of the conversation.

All episodes of "Jury Duty" are streaming on Amazon Freevee.

Jury Duty can be streamed on Amazon Freevee at no cost

What's Freevee? It's Amazon's completely free, ad-supported streaming service. Users can watch all episodes of "Jury Duty" on their phones, computers, or smart TVs thanks to Roku, FireTV, GoogleTV, and more. The good news is that, as the name suggests, Freevee is completely free. Those eager to get started with "Jury Duty" won't need a Prime Video subscription. In addition to original programming like "Jury Duty," the streaming service also boasts third-party content, like other platforms. To enjoy Freevee's library, viewers will have to watch occasional ads. Amazon Freevee is available in the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany.

Unfortunately, because Freevee isn't available outside of the countries above, international viewers will have trouble watching "Jury Duty." Those outside of the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany shouldn't panic, however. Precedent suggests that Freevee content, such as "Alex Rider," usually makes its way onto Prime Video internationally. For now, it's a matter of waiting until international markets get "Jury Duty." 

Done watching "Jury Duty" and want to know what's next for Ronald Gladden? While speaking with GQ, Gladden revealed that he has no idea what fate has in store for him. "Now that it's out and it's getting such a positive reaction, I don't know where my life is gonna go," Gladden revealed. "I'm not opposed to pursuing opportunities that come from this."