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This Look At Jenna Ortega As X-Men's Rogue Is Simply Stunning

While we've had more than a few "X-Men" movies over the years, some characters still have never had the kind of presentation that could make longtime fans fall in love with their live-action versions. Take Rogue, for instance, who was portrayed by Anna Paquin in the original trilogy of films.

Though this version of the character had her notable powers of being able to steal the abilities of other mutants through touch, she lacked Rogue's more dazzling powers that fans of the '90s cartoon would be familiar with. In the comics, Rogue gains super strength and the ability to fly after absorbing Ms. Marvel's powers, aspects that become permanently linked to her character.

If the X-Men were to join the MCU, this redeemed villain take would be the ideal version of the character to add a new flavor to Rogue. Meanwhile, digital artist Samukarts not only tapped the perfect actor for this more nuanced take on Rogue, but he also took the liberty of creating a sneak peek at what Jenna Ortega might look like as the iconic "X-Men" character.

This artist's mock-up of Ortega as Rogue is astonishing

In Samukarts' mock-up of Jenna Ortega as Rogue, she is sporting a look that is similar to her appearance in the early 2000s cartoon "X-Men: Evolution," with close-cropped hair and the white streak that her character is known for. The artist also took care to render the mutant in her classic green X-Men uniform, which adds an extra bit of flourish to the look.

Furthermore, Ortega, who has been a part of several dark and moody projects over the last few years, is the perfect actor to take on Rogue's troubled but ultimately redeemable characterization. With projects like "Wednesday," "Scream VI," "X," and "The Fallout" in her rearview mirror, the actor should easily have the chops to take on Rogue as a villain who ultimately comes around to the other side.

In fact, Rogue has even held her own against The Avengers in the Marvel comics, meaning a set-up where she is the villain but is redeemed at the tail end of the film could be a perfect future idea for the MCU. Either way, though, Samukarts' artistic depiction of the character is incredible.