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Wednesday Shatters Yet Another Netflix Record

Move aside, "Stranger Things" — Tim Burton's "Wednesday" is shaping up to be Netflix's new mega-popular poster child. The gothic comedy, which features Jenna Ortega as the titular teenage daughter of the iconic Addams Family, released its entire first season on the streaming service on November 23. In spite of some backlash towards Burton and his handling of certain elements in the series, it didn't take long for the show's popularity to skyrocket among fans.

It seems that goodwill from audiences has translated into some illustrious metrics for Netflix as well. For the past two weeks, the show has topped the service's Top 10 charts, sitting as the most-watched Netflix property — TV, film, English, non-English, or otherwise. Its massive success has already allowed "Wednesday" to pass some major milestones that are typically reserved for Netflix's most popular franchises, and now it seems that the plucky series has managed to shatter yet another massive record for the streamer.

Viewing numbers for Wednesday are only getting higher

"Wednesday" has already managed to top its own record-breaking viewer metrics for Netflix from its first week, with the series amassing roughly 411,290,000 hours of watch time among subscribers purely in its second week, between November 28 to December 4. Per The Hollywood Reporter, that means that "Wednesday" has not only shattered its own first-week record, when it became the English-language series with the most viewing time in a single week to ever appear on the platform, but it's also become the first English-language series to go above 400 million hours' worth of watch time in a single week.

Those aren't the first major milestones for "Wednesday" to hit either, as the series has already become the third overall most-watched English-language Netflix series of all time. These shattered records also likely won't be the last, as the dramedy is also on track to enter the extremely exclusive club of Netflix shows that have managed to pass over one billion hours of viewer watch time.

While the show's massive success on the streaming platform suggests that a bright future is ahead of it beyond its inaugural season, a Season 2 of "Wednesday" has not yet been announced. Still, if these record-breaking metrics are anything to go by, the odds seem to be in the gothic comedy's favor. "Wednesday's" showrunners have three seasons worth of content sketched out already, so it seems that the foundation is already there.