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Jury Duty: How Many Episodes Will There Be In Season 1?

While reality TV is known to get wild in general, few shows this side of Sacha Baron Cohen's "Who is America?" have the gall to mix and match actors with unsuspecting real-life people who are facing an increasingly farcical situation. This is the pitch for "Jury Duty," the Freevee comedy series that puts a regular guy into a fake jury with 11 actors.

Of course, the case is also fake. In fact, everything in "Jury Duty" is fake, outside of star Ronald Gladden's absolutely authentic reactions to the madness that is unfolding before his eyes. It's a bananas premise, to be sure, but in a world where reality itself often feels like fiction, it's the perfect antidote for our mounting cynicism as a culture.

However, if you happen to be bowled over by this particular reality comedy series, you might find yourself wondering how many episodes of "Jury Duty" there are in Season 1 of the show. If that sounds like you, then you'll be happy to know there are several episodes in store for the first season.

The first season of "Jury Duty" features eight episodes that run in the ballpark of 25-30 mins a piece. While this might be a tad short for viewers who want more of the show's uproarious shenanigans, it does mean that you can watch through the entire series in a single afternoon if you're so inclined.

Critics and audiences are split on the eight episodes of Jury Duty

While critics have given the series a pretty mediocre evaluation on Rotten Tomatoes, with a meager score of 54%, average viewers appear to love "Jury Duty," as the series is garnering a 99% approval rating from audiences as of this writing. Furthermore, while six episodes are already available to watch, the final two are also right around the corner.

Episodes 7 and 8 will be dropping on April 21, bringing this wacky saga to a close. Though there's no word on whether we'll be seeing a second season of "Jury Duty" at the moment, if the enthusiastic response from viewers is any indication, the reality series will be back for more sooner rather than later.

Though many fans of film and television will likely recognize James Marsden of "Westworld," "Enchanted," and the "X-Men" movies, the relatively unknown nature of the rest of the actors makes the premise feel fairly real, especially for Ronald Gladden and particularly in a city like Los Angeles.