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Creator Of Netflix's Beef Explains The Psychological Warfare That Was Cut From The Show

Contains spoilers for "Beef"

Revenge has become a two-way street in Netflix's gripping road rage dramedy "Beef," starring Steve Yeun and Ali Wong. The limited series that viewers deemed perfectly binge-worthy sees two strangers, Amy Lau (Wong) and Danny Cho (Yeun), caught in a personal feud with one another after a confrontation in a parking lot. The incident massively impacts both lives, sparking everything from affairs to home invasions to kidnappings. With such a high level of chaos, though, it makes sense that some despicable plots from the opposing parties didn't make it into the final version of this televised rivalry.

According to the show's creator, "Thunderbolts" writer Lee Sung Jin, more malicious revenge methods were considered for "Beef" in the early stages of development. Had he had his way (and let Amy have hers), the story could have taken an even darker, more intense turn thanks to a tried, tested, and frankly unsettling strategy to send her nemesis off the road, one toiletry at a time. Painting on cars and leaving terrible Google reviews became weapons of choice instead, and the legit psychological warfare technique was taken off the battlefield. Good thing, too — Danny might not have stood a chance.

Jin said the technique of Zersetzung proved too big for Beef

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lee Sung Jin recalled that, among the many ways Danny and Amy could have screwed with each other, one idea involved moving things around each other's world. "Alice Ju, one of our writers and co-executive producers, had the idea of Amy being introduced to the idea of Zersetzung via Jordan and then subtly messing with Danny's life."

According to the brains behind "Beef," Danny would have seen his world slowly turned by Amy even more upside than it already was. Jin explained how it would've involved "moving things around in his apartment, using up his toiletries, etc., little things to make him feel like he's losing his mind. It was a great idea but ultimately didn't fit within the episodes." That's understandable, really. In between Amy sleeping with Danny's brother and Danny becoming best buds with her husband, there was more than enough chaos to go around. You don't want to spoil the beef, after all.