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Peter Pan & Wendy: The Lost Boys' Hideout Has A Secret Detail Easy To Miss

Everything in director David Lowery's "Peter Pan & Wendy," the latest adaptation of J.M. Barrie's "Peter and Wendy," had to be just right, and the Lost Boys are no exception. In fact, it really wouldn't be a trip to Neverland without crossing paths with Peter's (Alexander Molony) motley band of sidekicks.

These tykes whom time forgot are a squad of soldiers who fight pirates on a daily basis and fail to grow up as much as their brave and flying leader. The most interesting part about this legendary ensemble, however, isn't necessarily the heroes themselves but the hideout they spend time in when they're not causing problems for Captain Hook (Jude Law).

After reaching the island that is Peter's timeless land of fairies and ferocious crocodiles, the Darling children are welcomed to the Lost Boys' hideout, which even Hook hasn't managed to uncover — not yet, that is. Tucked away in the depths of Neverland, the most notable thing about this fun little spot is that both its design and its color scheme are incredibly similar to those of a place we've already seen earlier on in the film. In a clever bit of storytelling, it seems that Peter's hideout is quite literally the Darlings' home away from home.

Peter's hideout matches the layout of the Darling home

In a great bit of foreshadowing in David Lowery's take on Peter Pan and Wendy Darling's (Ever Anderson) adventure, we see John (Joshua Pickering) and Michael (Jacobi Jupe) sword-fighting their way through the house, helping us get the lay of the land and showing us where everyone is in the Darling residence, including Alan Tudyk's Mr. Darling sitting in a chair by the fire. With its lush, green wallpaper and massive spiral staircase, it looks like a home worth hiding out in from the off.

Peter's hideaway home is a grand one, complete with its own fireplace, seat for the head of the household to sit at, and spiral staircase. The team leader also sleeps on the top floor, just like Wendy and her brothers do at home. There's even a skewed window for him to climb in and out of, making for an almost off-kilter version of the house Wendy might forget about if she stays here too long. It's an interesting little nod to the Darling family home that they've been briefly torn away from and as much as they try to fight it, will eventually return to. We love what Peter's done with the place.