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The Flash Trailer: Keaton's Batman Is Nice, But Michael Shannon's Return As Zod Is Better

Despite Ezra Miller's laundry list of legal troubles, the transition from the DCEU of Zack Snyder and company to James Gunn's DCU reportedly hinges heavily on "The Flash." So much so that the project has been mainlined to the head of the latest DC-related push from Warner Bros. Discovery, even as the company shelved or canceled countless other projects.

Since the beginning of the marketing campaign for "The Flash," Michael Keaton's return to his iconic role as Batman from Tim Burton's adaptation of the comic has been a pivotal piece of nostalgia for older fans and a tool that helps to pry open the doors of what's possible in Barry Allen's new time-hopping adventure. However, fans are also excited about another actor returning for the new film.

In a top comment below the latest trailer for "The Flash," one fan pointed out how happy they are to see Michael Shannon back as Zod, and others quickly agreed. "I know we're all excited to see Michael Keaton as Batman again," they wrote. "So am I. But is anyone else besides me happy to see Michael Shannon as General Zod again?"

Man of Steel fans are excited to see Shannon back as Zod

While the user may have asked the question in earnest, it was clear within an hour of the new "The Flash" trailer going live that they were not alone. As of press time, the comment has over 3,000 likes and dozens of comments that are in fervent, whole-hearted agreement with the commenter.

Honestly, it's not hard to see why fans are so excited about Michael Shannon's return as General Zod in "The Flash," either. Though there have been several films in the central continuity of the previous DC timeline, Shannon's unhinged, fascistic take on one of Superman's greatest villains was absolutely a one-of-a-kind performance, and he remains the best villain in the DCEU.

With that in mind, bringing him into the DCU as a villain is an excellent way to set up the new timeline. After all, while "Man of Steel" started the previous series of films, "The Flash" is the movie that is launching the new continuity. As such, there's a sort of poetic resonance to having Shannon return to play his villainous role as Zod once again. Either way, with "The Flash" set to speed into theaters on June 16, 2023, DC fans can look forward to a film utterly packed with reasons for fans to fall in love with it.