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The Flash Director Praises Ezra Miller's Acting In The Film

"The Flash" movie is almost upon the world, and a big portion of its success hinges on the performance of the lead, Ezra Miller. It isn't Miller's first time donning the red suit as they've previously appeared in "Justice League," both the theatrical cut and Zack Snyder's version. However, Barry Allen sort of functions as comedic relief in that movie, being a relative newcomer against seasoned professionals like Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot).

This time, everything rests on the Flash's shoulders, and according to director Andy Muschietti, Miller absolutely nailed the role. During a post-screening Q&A with Muschietti and producer Barbara Muschietti at CinemaCon 2023, Jenna Busch of /Film noted the praise the filmmaker heaped onto the actor. Muschietti explained, "Well, Ezra is an extraordinary actor [...] It was one of my best experiences working with an actor, ever. [They're] brilliant. [Their] contributions are constant, and also, [they] like to play, and [they] like to do more takes than I do, which is a lot!" Muschietti also took a moment to discuss Miller's well-documented struggles with mental health.

Ezra Miller brought emotion and comedy to Barry Allen

"The Flash" has already earned a ton of praise. Even Tom Cruise has already seen the movie, and he called Andy Muschietti personally to talk about how much he loved it. No doubt that's in part to Ezra Miller's performance playing multiple Barry Allens. It's a unique role, but one the actor was in a favorable position to excel at. Muschietti went on to say, "They are full of incredible emotions. They bring them to the set every time. They're an incredible comedian, also, which is something that I wasn't fully prepared for."

Audiences have seen Barry Allen as a bit of a jokester in "Justice League," so Miller bringing comedy to the part shouldn't come as a surprise. However, the fact they can also bring emotion is essential, as the crux of the movie involves the Scarlet Speedster traveling back in time to save his mother, causing ripples in time to alter the present. 

Of course, Miller's performance is only part of the equation when it comes to whether general audiences will see the movie. The actor notoriously evaded authorities and was ultimately arrested for disorderly conduct and harassment. Their legal issues were chalked up to mental health issues, and Muschietti commented on that matter, "Ezra is well, now. We're all hoping that they get better. [...] They're taking the steps to recovery, dealing with mental health issues. We talked to them not long ago, and they're very committed to getting better." Viewers can make up their own minds concerning Miller's performance when "The Flash" comes out in theaters on June 16.