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Ozark Season 2 Release Date, First-Look Footage Revealed

Netflix has your Labor Day weekend plans sorted.

The streamer just rolled out the first look at Ozark season 2, releasing a dark and drippy teaser for the Jason Bateman and Laura Linney-starring series. Not only does it give fans a peek at the highly anticipated second season, but the teaser also reveals when the new collection of episodes will be available to stream (read: binge-watch, let's be honest): Ozark season 2 will hit Netflix on August 31, the Friday before Labor Day 2018 on September 3.

Clocking in at a clipped 40 seconds, the footage sees Bateman and Linney back as Marty and Wendy Byrde, the husband-and-wife duo who will continue the dangerous journey out of the world of money laundering and drug cartel wars that they're currently entrenched in. But it certainly won't be easy. Despite the fact that Del (Esai Morales) is now out of the picture, the Byrdes' crime syndicate enemies aren't giving up, sending their cutthroat attorney Helen Pierce (Marvel's Jessica Jones actress Janet McTeer) the family's way to further flip their world inside out. 

"We've done lots of things, things we said we would never do," Linney's Wendy says in the teaser, to which Bateman's Marty shoots back, "People make choices, Wendy. Choices of consequence."

And boy, are the Brydes going to face some serious consequences in season 2. Between learning Helen Pierce is coming to town, addressing their ties to the volatile and powerful Snell family, and discovering their deputy Ruth Langmore's (Julia Garner) father Cade has been released from prison, the family quickly accepts that they'll have to dive even deeper into the murky waters of crime before they can fully get out. 

The final interaction between Wendy and Marty in the teaser sums up the terror to come. After a gun shot rings out, the footage cuts to Wendy asking Marty, "So that's it? We go back in that house, we go to bed, wake up in the morning, and we kiss the kids?" Her husband gives an ominous response: "That's exactly what we do."

The first season of Ozark fared better with fans than it did critics, although it was still adored across the board. Reviewers described the freshman season as not reaching "the same level as the classic crime dramas to which it will inevitably be compared," but gave credit to Bateman's "gripping performance" and the show's "satisfyingly complex plot," despite both showing room for improvement. Based on this first teaser, it appears Ozark season 2 will live up to the potential it didn't quite reach in season 1 — and blow us away all over again.