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Impractical Jokers: Sal Says The Gymnast Bit Was One Of Joe's Funniest Moments

The goal of "Impractical Jokers" is to make people watching at home laugh their butts off. However, a secondary yet still incredibly important goal for the show is for the titular jokers to crack themselves up, too. The four pranksters at the center of the series have been friends for a long time, so they know exactly how to make one another comfortable for the sake of a bit. 

The guys love reminiscing about old jokes they've shared on the show over the years, and in one installment on YouTube, Sal Vulcano was asked what the funniest thing his friend Joe Gatto ever did was. The first example that comes up is Joe sneezing food on the wall, but even that doesn't take the cake. Sal responded, "I really laughed hard when he was trying to be a gymnast and fell into an abyss of foam balls, and we couldn't get him out of there." Anyone who's ever jumped into one of those pits understands the struggle of trying to get out, and it made a memorable impression on Sal.

The Impractical Jokers always go the extra mile for a bit

No doubt part of Sal Vulcano's amusement at watching Joe Gatto's prank is seeing him get dressed in a traditional gymnast's uniform. It's not like the jokers are in the best shape in the world, so seeing him try his best to run and jump through the mats is amusing on its own. And it's genuinely a testament to the lengths the guys will go to in order to make each other laugh. 

The jokers are no strangers to quick costume changes. One of the best recurring gags is when they have to walk past a receptionist multiple times, wearing something different each time, to see when they'll finally notice it's the same person. However, clothing is one thing. These guys will put their own bodies on the line for a joke, such as when Murr was tasked with shaving off his eyebrows, beard, and head. And if that wasn't enough, he then had to take his driver's license picture.

Sadly, Joe Gatto may have left the show, but he left a legacy of hilarious moments fans can continue to rewatch at their leisure. Hopefully, in his non-"Impractical Jokers" time, he's managed to avoid any foam pits.