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Young Sheldon Theory: Fans Should Prepare For Heartbreak In Season 6 Episode 18

"Young Sheldon" fans have had the unusual ability of foresight, with "The Big Bang Theory" revealing certain aspects of the show that have yet to pass. But even though the latter show prepared us for certain events, there have always been plenty of continuity errors between "Young Sheldon" and "The Big Bang Theory," which have been chalked up to the unreliability of a child narrator. But seeing Sheldon (Iain Armitage) as a child watching Professor Proton (Bob Newhart), who he says as an adult (Jim Parsons) inspired him to enter a science-based career, helps us forget about the various inconsistencies.

Now that Sheldon is 13 years old, there are key events that "The Big Bang Theory" fans are waiting to occur, pivotal occurrences that can't be avoided. One of these has to do with Sheldon's Season 10 revelation, in which he confides in Penny (Kaley Cuoco) the reason he always knocks three times before entering a room. "I was 13 years old, and on spring break from college. My mother was in bible study, I walked in the house expecting to find it empty, and I heard a sound coming from my parents' bedroom. When I opened the door, I saw my father having relations with another woman... We locked eyes, I ran to my room, and we never, ever spoke of it."

With Sheldon currently 13 and on spring break, viewers are preparing for the moment to occur in Season 6, Episode 18.

Fans know this is the moment Sheldon discovers George's affair

In Season 6, Episode 17 ("A German Folk Song and an Actual Adult") of "Young Sheldon" Brenda (Melissa Peterman) tries to make amends with Mary (Zoe Perry) by bringing her coffee and trying to talk to her about her new granddaughter. But Mary is still angry at the discovery that Brenda has been secretly getting closer to George (Lance Barber) and ends up storming out. While there's no hint of upcoming heartbreak in the episode, longtime "The Big Bang Theory" fans know that this is spring break when Sheldon is supposed to discover his father is having an affair.

Co-creator Steve Molaro has made it clear that viewers should stop comparing "Young Sheldon" to "The Big Bang Theory," stating to TVLine that as far as canon goes, "there are some things that we will honor, but we also have to do what's best for this series." With Mary and Brenda reconciling by the end of Episode 17, it leaves more questions than answers. 

Next week's episode will most likely mark the end of Sheldon's spring break, and whether the sitcom will honor the story Sheldon told Penny from "The Big Bang Theory" is anyone's guess.